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by Marco
5 days
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Season 18: Pandemonium
Replies: 36
Views: 4967

Season 18: Pandemonium

A new season is coming up on the 2nd August! We have just launched our new subreddit, you can find all the information there: New special season is coming the 2nd of August - click here for more information abo...
by Marco
2 weeks
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Forum & TSW Shop
Replies: 1
Views: 4845

Forum & TSW Shop

The shop was initially targeted towards people that hoarded TG, so the prices had been set primarily with the focus of flushing some TG off the market in order to increase its value. We have failed to consider the real money equivalents for the services provided here. For this we want to give our mo...
by Marco
2 weeks
Forum: Support / Installation
Topic: Technical Support Resources
Replies: 5
Views: 583

Technical Support Resources

good initiative :thumb:
by Marco
3 weeks
Forum: Median XL: Sigma
Topic: MXL: Sigma Announced
Replies: 982
Views: 228413

Re: MXL: Sigma Announced

Fumbles wrote:
Marco wrote:
facelockmo wrote:What if the thread reaches the #999th post, Sigma will finally be released?

No sigma till 1k cookies m8

970 posts, 974 cookies. Its neck and neck.

and we are days away from launching the beta test season, what if both premises were true all along :D
by Marco
3 weeks
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Patreon Q&A - S17
Replies: 26
Views: 7913

Patreon Q&A - S17

Not long ago, we hit our first Patreon goal of 50 patrons. For this reason, we are now doing seasonal Q&A sessions in the patron discord channel. If you wish to support us and participate in future, you can join us here ! We allowed the members to ask any kind of question regarding the project, ...
by Marco
1 month
Forum: Archive
Topic: Ladder Reset? [poll] #3
Replies: 54
Views: 2940

Ladder Reset? [poll] #2

We will do a ladder reset at our own discresion and when we consider appropiate, as usual. No need for this topic. If we took all of our decisions based on community polls, we wouldn't be able to fullfill our long term goals for the project. That said, there will be at least one more non-sigma ladde...
by Marco
2 months
Forum: Core Development
Topic: MXL Sigma: Screenshot Thread
Replies: 1147
Views: 319915

MXL Sigma: Screenshot Thread

Looks great, but I think the level-up notification already encapsulates the new stat/skills notification. A nice extension to the notification system would be to blink the buttons releated to it. So, in case of "Level up" notification, the Stats & Skill Tree buttons should start blinki...
by Marco
3 months
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Median XL 1.3 Patch Log
Replies: 142
Views: 20773

Re: Median XL 1.3 Patch Log

SwineFlu wrote:Generous drop rates are back on the menu for SP since last update, bon appétit.

I don't think you know what you're talking about, tbh.
They weren't reduced in the first place.
by Marco
3 months
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Screenshot Thread S17!
Replies: 533
Views: 52289

Screenshot Thread S17!


by Marco
3 months
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: MXL 1.3 Bugs&Feedback
Replies: 314
Views: 20388

MXL 1.3 Bugs&Feedback

Thanks Before reporting please provide this information if there's an error: - are you playing on single player or on TSW realm - how do you run the game (normally, D2SE, Launcher, other) - are you using any 3rd party tools (D2Stats Reader, custom font, etc.) - please provide the error code Error 22...

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