Full Wipe - VOTE!

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Are you willing to tolerate a character wipe in exchange for greater content?

Poll ended at Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:25 am

Total votes: 247

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Hey all,

while sigma engine is coming closer to completion, we figure that taking everything into account (testing & implementation), there will be still several months before a public and stable release is available. Our coders team is sadly very small for a project this big, so this needs time, and we are looking for alternatives to keep Median growing as much as possible in the meantime. While whist continues to develop the sigma engine, suchbalance & me want to continue providing content releases to keep median as active as possible.

However there's a major brick blocking us, there's so much we can improve, yet so little can be done unless we fully drop compatibility with earlier patches. Numbers all across the board have reached ridiculous values which have lead to certain features which are undesired (heroic shields & co) and a sometimes-not-so-balanced endgame. Didn't we implement all this in sigma already? We did (suchbalance primarily) - but we are willing to do it again for what's left of the sigma development because there's a lot of potential in median and room for improvement and there are things that require a rework rather urgently.

The reason for this poll is so you can vote whether you are for or against a full-character-wipe. This means most of your characters & PlugY stashes will become corrupted and incompatible with a new patch, with the exception of some items (the non magical ones, such as runes, trophies, etc). Obviously this won't affect realm players for the most part, besides the deletion of non-ladder characters of course.

This is just a poll to see a tendency, it won't necessarily determine anything - the final decision will as usual be decided by the team.

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Do it.
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lmao well, I think we have come to a pretty definitive conclusion.
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put more time into sigma development instead
but actually serious.
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Monkey King
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Let's do it.
Bone Archer
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I say yes. To me, I assume the only issue with putting more work into MXL:U is that eventually when sigma picks up - it's work that kind of becomes wasted in a way, or can delay sigma etc which sucks. However, I don't see why MXL:U should become a rejected dumpster baby so soon either.
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Edit: do it
Edited by Khamul 4 months.
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Hmm, a new content patch, reworked existing content (Uldy, perhaps?), and an end to Heroic Shields (possibly? :beg: )--and all people have to do is *gasp* create a new character?

Gee, I don't know... Gonna have to think about this one.
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do it now :D