Diablo II Vanilla Frosting

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Diablo II Vanilla Frosting

I came across this mod by searching around for non-total overhauls of the base LoD game and found out about it.

It is single player oriented, thus making changes to some features like, /players 8 benefits but keeping /players 1 features as well.

It is currently updated to 1.14d and hosted in a github repo, very nice little mod to play vanilla with some QoL features.


This is the readme:

Vanilla Frosting 9.0.0 [1.14d]
By Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss)
Released on Saturday, June 10, 2017

Vanilla Frosting is a Diablo II mod that was designed to try to keep
Diablo II as Vanilla as possible, while enhancing and tailoring it to
the Single Player experience.

**** Back from 1.09 ****

- The experience penalty after level 70 has been removed.
- You will now once again receive experience beyond 2 screens.
- Maps have the same size on all difficulties.
- The cows have the same resistances as in 1.09 (0).

**** New Changes ****

- The 'players' command is no longer used. In exchange, you will
automatically have the following benefits enabled:

> Monsters hit points is the same as /players 1
> Monsters experience is the same as /players 8
> Monster item drops and chest item drops are the same as /players 8.

Just open Diablo II, start a game, and enjoy :).

* This is similar in spirit to how Diablo 1's Single Player was easier than Diablo 1's
Multi Player due to Multi Player monsters having double the HP of their Single Player
counterparts, and having monsters experience capped to 200 exp per player level.

- You can now open the Cow Level with just a town portal book.
- You can now open the Cow Level even if you kill the King.
- You can now run multiple instances of Diablo II.

- All new characters start out with the Horadric Cube.
- The size of the stash and cube have been increased.

- Ladder Runewords are now enabled on Single Player.
- The Countess now drops up to Sol in Normal, Ist in Nightmare, and Zod in Hell
Before: Runes 4 [Ral], Runes 8 [Io], Runes 12 [Ist]
After : Runes 6 [Sol], Runes 12 [Ist], Runes 17 [Zod]
- Rune drop rates have been improved.

New Cube Recipes:
- Upgrade a rune by placing: 2x Rune -> Next Rune (up to Zod)
- Downgrade a rune by placing: Rune + Antidote -> Previous Rune.

**** Minor Changes ****

- Lysander now sells TP/ID Books & Scrolls.

**** Bug Fixes ****

- Smith and Griswold now have proper nightmare loot table.

I think this mod needs some more attention especially for vanilla lovers out there.