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Caleb wrote:
Khamul wrote:literally 1/100 i bet

Ok oO thanks for the answer

Its probably closer to 1/20 but we dont know exact drop rate
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Does anyone know if there is a list that tells you skills that "increased buff duration" works on? Also, would this work for skills that are proc'ed and not actually casted? Like Burning Veil? I'd assume no
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Is it even possible to kill soul of pride with melee sin or I should try another character?
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Dark Huntress
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Does everybody gets his own drop from monsters when in realm? or are the items from the ground the same for everyone?
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Drops are visible and available to pick by anybody in your game, even if not in your party.
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Helzopro wrote:
tlpc1 wrote:The documentation says Veteran monsters are to be found in the last levels of the acts, but it says nothing on which exactly are those levels. Any ideas?

Act 1 - Jail 1-3
Act 2 - Canyon
Act 3 - Travincal + Durance
Act 4 - City and River
Act 5 - Worldstone 1 + 2 maybe antechamber

I've killed everything in the canyon can't find it.... is there anywhere else it can spawn ?
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Monkey King
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They don't spawn always, try again. And they only spawn on terror and destruction.
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Rules on muling, majority of the time I just transfer the items and logoff, however sometimes I found it easy when crafting jewels etc to leave my mule in the game so I dont risk losing the items on the ground. Is this not allowed as sometimes the warning message comes up and I'll log the mule off. Other question on same topic is if I kill a uber and get a better roll on a charm for my alts Is it okay to log them in to pick them up (I guess same scenario if farming charms for alts?)

Thanks for any information
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1. Mulling is for item transfer between chars. There is no hidden message here. Just transfer items and end it. Crafting happens inside cube - how will you lose items is a real question. If you have a habit to throw items out of cube after craft on ground - things might happen (server goes down, ect).
2. If an alt matches requirements to join your charm game -> drop charm in town, go to uber and pick better one -> log alt to pick other charm from town.
Dark Huntress
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Hi, everyone. I have question about BRC, I want to do first trial and kill Butcher but I dont have book of summoning. I killed The Summoner on hatred and terror but he didn't drop it. Does he drop it on dectruction?