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Error 2239

AllHailNibbler wrote:Halt
Error Line @2239
expression : Unrecoverable internal error 6fd5c664

Please read troubleshooting here:

Character crashes on save with PlugY. I added MXL.dll to the DLL to Load line.


PlugY only works when using it with D2SE. If you have downloaded Diablo 2 from Battle.net then neither D2SE nor PlugY work at the moment.
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Really nice density in Toraja Jungle and Teganze...great work, Marco (and Team), thanks a lot! :)
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Is it description bug or Chronofield now really reduces all resistances?Image
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I'm not sure if this is a bug or what it is, but sometimes when killing jungle keepers i will damage them to 1-5% hp in seconds, after which they take no damage for 5-30sec. Really darn annoying when my damage is more than enough to kill them so quickly.

Other than that:

So far Divine Judgment still feels pretty decent.

Torajan jungles are much better with the Signet drops.
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a) Fixed the drops of multiple superuniques and preset monsters - does this include monsters in yshari sanctum ?
b) New farming meta - Yshari bosses - best place to farm regular sets.
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The Mysteries Set
Gambeson (Sacred)

Defense: (6192-6877) to (6600-7330)
Required Dexterity: 486
Required Level: 100
(Sorceress Only)
+3 to Sorceress Skill Levels
Adds 25-50 damage
5% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
+(31 to 50) to all Attributes
Damage Reduced by 10%
Total Character Defense Plus (21 to 25)%
Socketed (6)
Has 4 instead of 6 sockets.
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Just entered Torajan Jungles and first forest keeper drop was set piece and shrine, This sure changes whole picture. Good job :thumb:

ps. Whole run was good enough to keep coming back.
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Porkchops on destruction difficulty still only drop t1 items.

Btw Treewarden feels so great to play now, thank you so much :D i didn't like thorn strike TW when it was first released but now I like it much more than old pummel
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I clicked a Portal shrine (in Hatred, Halls of the Dead) - it didn't create a portal.
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The deathbats summoned by primus' messenger cannot be shot at with tempest. Tempest does damage them though if shot at something else.