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I just used umo on my Qarak's Will Giant Sword which has by default.

15% Ctc lvl 58 Pentagram on Melee Attack
25% Ctc lvl 34 Spike Nova on Melee Attack
10% Ctc lvl 36 Bloodlust when you Kill an Enemy

and umo was

1% Ctc lvl 47 Frozen Soul on Melee Attack
1% Ctc lvl 47 Bloodstar on Melee Attack

but i play about 3 hours now and those 2 never procced...

is there a cap for procs or what did i do wrong?

i use Boarfrost too which has

50% Ctc lvl 20 Ice Bolt Nova on Melee Attack
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you can't see them because they immediately hit the enemy