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I think everyone knows how hard to get some charms just because it never drops. Zakarum's Ear, for example, but how i've been amazed when cleared Khalimgrad at ppl 7. Zakarum's ear droped from every Zakarum's avatar! The same happened with Hammer of the Taan judges as well.

P.S. I'm playing in SP. maybe on realm everything is different.
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Yes, the /players setting changes the chance of charms to drop. Doesn't seem to apply to trophies, though.
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i got zakarum's ear first try p1
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what is this thread
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Well, as you can see OP is talking about increased charm droprate on higher /players setting for charms that do not have a 100% chance to drop.
I guess he is sharing this information for other SP players to know there's a way to get those charms faster, since this info is relatively unknown and isn't really written anywhere.
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Yes, p8 is very good. Studies showed that 60% of the time it works everythime.
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