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Hey there,

I just installed median for the first time yesterday and omg it is great. I have read and read and read about how it works. Unfortunately, I can't find answers to my question... it probably exists somewhere but... sorry I can't find it :(

My question is: How many times can you add a MO to an item? I bought a lot of +3% all res and I am stuck at +30% resist. I saw videos and screenshots of honorific adding +60% all res. I can't apply another MO apparently. I don't know how to get to 60%. Also I only have 1 socket (does it need to be T6 to have max sockets?). Am I limited to 5 MO per items?
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Mystic Orbs

Mystic Orbs add a magical bonus to an item at the cost of a higher required level to use the item. There are many known types sold by vendors, but rumours persist of lost ancient orbs with miraculous powers...

Any equippable item + Mystic Orb → add orb bonus and +4 required level
You can only apply up to 5 of the same Unique Mystic Orb to your item.

The level requirement penalty is applied after taking into account both the base item required level and the level of any socket fillers. This means for example if you have a belt with required level 20, add five orbs (level penalty +20) and socket a Rha rune (required level 100), you get a belt with required level 100+20 = 120. For that reason, to avoid going over required level 120 on accident, always add the socket fillers before adding orbs.

Taken from documentation page.
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Yes, but I still don't understand how you achieve +60% all resist when I cant add more than 30% (5x6%=30)
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There are also Unique Mystic Orbs not listed in the documentation which use isnt limited, but can be only droped from monsters.

http://median-xl.wikia.com/wiki/Mystic_ ... ystic_Orbs


About additional resistances on items, can come from jewels, perfect gems and runes so im only guessing you saw honorific item with filled sockets or item from older version of Median patch.

Not all items needs to be Tier 6 to have max sockets, you can check it here: http://docs.median-xl.com/doc/items/baseitems

Also if you lack early some stats from mystic orbs then you want to use Leather Gloves, Cap, Boots, Sash with Tier 1 for having more space for Mystic Orbs.
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You propably saw an outdated video/screen somewhere before the changes. Back then u could add up to 60% all res cos the values on mistic orbs were higher.