class charm bug?

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Hi, I just started playing this mod a few days ago. I'm level 80 and just found my class charm (barbarian). The problem is: It doesn't have the stats portrayed on this site but just the small bonus of +1 to max skill levels and nothing else. I play on singleplayer (online is too much lag unfortunately). Can anyone help me? How can I find the real one with all those good stats? Is it multiplayer only or has that charm been patched recently? Does it only show the other stats at level 90 or when you cube it with a jewel as part of the Ennead Challenge? I gotta find that out first before leveling up some more because of the Ennead Challenge.
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You need to cube the class charm with a jewel by level 80. Level challenge 2 is by level 90 and its cubed with a perfect gem after killing the death projector in Terror difficulty.
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edit: nevermind my old post, thanks