needs bowzon help

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currently have all this end game items except boots.
woundering what orbs should i use on each one?
also what i should socket in each one? ((i notice the more gems i use the more like i get with Paragon skill))
and should i luck them befor or after adding orbs and sockets?

Dear Esther > not upgraded > 6os > lvl 100
Arrowsider > not upgraded > lvl 100
Asgardsreia > upgraded > 4os > lvl 120
Segnitia > not upgraded > 6os > lvl 100
Gulag's Frenzy > not upgraded > 4os > lvl 100
Black Void > not upgraded > 2os > lvl 100
Dyers Eve > not upgraded > lvl 100
Bad Mood Ring > upgraded > lvl 100
Ballantine's 1827 > not upgraded > lvl 100

when i say the sockets on the gear i mean that many sockets are open.

Knight's Grace << still needs these boots. if anyone got them ill pay TG!

this is my first season of median xl & my first character going into end game gear. could use all the help possible :P would like to get some nice end game uber kills in :D

all info is welcome as i dont wanna fool up the gear on this bowzon.