How Spell Damage Works

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The proc part needs to be updated with:
Spells trigger "% chance to cast when your enemies are slain".
Poison damage (from spells and other sources) triggers "% chance to cast on kill", but only if the target takes longer than 1 frame to die (1/25th of a second).
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I have read this but still dont understand the concept too well. Spellfactor gives spell dmg but does that help me? Im building a deathgaze barb with

Barbarian Weapons

Runeword Level: 100
20% Chance to cast level 42 Frigid Sphere on Melee Attack
+(0 to 1) to Barbarian Skill Levels
+(171 to 200)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 325-875 cold damage
-15% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+25% to Cold Spell Damage
Cold Resist +80%
and im curious if it s worth to switch from
Jawbone Cap (Sacred)

Defense: (1954-2236) to (2025-2317)
Required Strength: 442
Required Level: 100
(Barbarian Only)
50% Chance to cast level 20 Ice Bolt Nova on Melee Attack
20% Increased Attack Speed
Adds 125-250 cold damage
-50% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+(21 to 25)% to Cold Spell Damage
(6 to 8)% Chance of Crushing Blow
Enhanced Weapon Damage +150%
(21 to 25)% Bonus to Strength
+(87 to 114)% Enhanced Defense
Socketed (4)

Arreat's Snowcap
Arreat's Snowcap
Avenger Guard (Sacred)

Defense: (3391-3741) to (3767-4155)
Required Strength: 580
Required Level: 100
(Barbarian Only)
+(201 to 250) Strength Factor to Spell Damage
5% Chance to cast level 22 Glacial Nova on Kill
50% Chance to cast level 29 Cone of Cold on Melee Attack
+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
Adds 125-625 cold damage
-(29 to 35)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
Reduced Weapon Damage -50%
+(172 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
+(51 to 75) to Strength
+50 Cold Absorb
Socketed (4)

... also id like to equip
Lamha Na Draoithe
Lamha Na Draoithe
Gauntlets (Sacred)

Defense: (1361-1512) to (1593-1769)
Required Strength: 344
Required Level: 100
+150 Strength Factor to Spell Damage
+2 to All Skills
30% Faster Cast Rate
+(16 to 20)% to Spell Damage
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
+75 to Strength
-100 to Life
All Resists +(21 to 25)%
Requirements -40%
Socketed (4)

Deadman's Hand
Deadman's Hand
Chain Gloves (Sacred)

Defense: (1107-1251) to (1214-1372)
Required Strength: 514
Required Level: 100
5% Chance to cast level 36 Doom on Melee Attack
+1 to All Skills
20% Faster Hit Recovery
(41 to 50)% Bonus to Attack Rating
Slows Target by 5%
(11 to 15)% Bonus to Dexterity
+(115 to 143)% Enhanced Defense
Socketed (4)

.. i d test that but dont have the gear and not sure if i should spend my resources on obtaining it.
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I am still a bit confused on this one.
So for amazon skills such as: Thundercrack, Magnetic Field and Stormcall what would be the most important affix that will give highest dmg?
1. Higher weapon base damage
2. Higher spell/lightning spell dmg
3. Flat lightning damage on hit
4. -% lightning resistance