New Player Guide (1.2+) v1.05

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aerial wrote:I made one myself:


You are added to the credits and the information was added to the guide :D thank you for the support.

Unda wrote:Another topic worth a few words or redirection link is slow effects (types, overriding, when it stack up and when dont, caps).
Maybe old topic about magic find can also help in that guide.

You can add links to old forum (some informations can be outdated as versions changed during that time):


You can add info about that after finishing Quest One in Act 5 the value of bought/sold stuff from/to vendors in Harrogath will be better for player than in other Acts, example: Larzuk selling Mystic Orbs for 10k gold each.

I added both of those links and the information about A5 Q1 making A5 the best place for buying/selling. Thank you for your support and making the guide better :)