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Marco wrote:I can see how that could be interesting for collection purposes but, personally I wouldn't recommend to anyone to even bother playing anything before median 2008. There's nothing interesting, just no ubers, much less items, less skills (many repeated skills on diff chars), less monsters and really imbalanced. I'd say any version before median 2008 is basically "unfinished m2k8". Median 2008 isn't that great either (extremely imbalanced) - however it has a lot of nostalgia factor for us who have been around for that long.

There isn't overall much value in downgrading except to play some specific builds, such as 1.F9 pouncesin, 1.D9 judgesin or 1.A9 poison sorc, which were nerfed to the ground or removed. There's also other removed builds such as reanimator build, but that was removed because it was shitty so yeah have fun with that. That's pretty much about it.

Actually, I feel like it could be important to some people to indeed be able to 'relive' that moment they had years ago. I personally liked a couple of versions more then others and for nostalgic purposes would actually want to replay a few of them. For example play the old style 'Lazydin' with Merkabah and Lionheart hehe. I bet some people here might remember it.

I don't care about the fact that they miss out on some content. It's just in my memory that I had a lot of fun with some old builds that are not possible anymore, that's all :)

Some versions may be buggy yes, but sometimes that also made it fun to play.

I hope to build the most complete library of files possible. Soon I will launch a small website that will host this content and possibly with a little bit of information on the builds that were possible with it and the content it had/didn't have.
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im looking at some old version too atm, i started with necro at 1.F9h or something like that... and i remember the old reward skill "Lich form" with the dirty and dark laugh^^ now im looking for those docs for the older versions... but its hard to find them... is there anyone who has archived a few old docs here? I miss those OP and unbalanced heroes which destroy everything in a few screenlenths :D
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there's some old docs on the old forum:

you need to log in to see the links tho
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could u tell me from what version is available 'luck trial' orb with weapons?
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darkstorm wrote:could u tell me from what version is available 'luck trial' orb with weapons?

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i have downloaded Ultimative version ... mative-xii
and there's no luck trial orb. how to add double orb effect to the weapon?