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hi guys

yesterday my mxl worked fine and i played normally but today when i tried to start the mxl launcher there came an error message:

Unhandled Exception


then i saw in compability mode i had it as Windows 8 now i set it to Windows xp Service pack 3 and now

when i start the mxl lauchner Nothing happen..... Nothing no error no laucher site


what to do now?

i installed my d2 original not into my Programme x86 Folder i did it to my Desktop i can run d2 lod and mxl both at the same time so i installed then the mxl lauchner to x86 Programme. of course i copied the original d2 folder from desktop into x86 programme so that i could run both ..

could the Problem be because i installed mxl into Programme x86 Folders? i heard to not installed there but i hadnt any problems the last weeks...

please help me