Guide for Installation?

Need help installing the mod?
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Hi there, I've been trying to install this mod for a while now before resorting to asking for guidance, but here I am. I really want to play this game, to the point of registering to ask for help!

Is there a definitive guide posted somewhere for installing this? I've seen multiple suggestions and ideas for assistance in multiple threads on these forums and reddit, but I am not sure which direction to go.

Regardless of if I try to use the MedianXL Launcher or D2SE But I always end up with the UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ACCESS_VIOLATION Error.

I run on Windows 10.

viewtopic.php?t=4561 < Is this thread an up to date guide for installation?
When I follow this guide and attempt to run through D2SE, I get an error stating "Cannot find suitable ijl11.dll Make sure you have the right D2Coreplugin installed for D2 Version 1.13C Or place this dll inside Mod/language_xxx or modfolder


Is it as easy as installing the 1.12 vers, updating to 1.13 with the patcher.. and then running the MXL Launcher? Would greatly appreciate some guidance on circumventing this error.
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Yes, please a definitive guide ;)
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Might be worth just waiting until Sigma releases later this week? Perhaps they've fixed some of the issues with installing with it? (I've no ide, I'm a n00b here too)
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I had this UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ACCESS_VIOLATION Error when i installed D2 in program files directory . After reinstalling it , in a single folder named "Diablo 2" Not program files > diablo 2 , and installing the mod trough the luncher , the game worked alright.
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For a "definitive" guide check I think that is the best guide to date, including many problems with the game and how to solve them.