Mac OSX with Mac compatible D2

Need help installing the mod?
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I have the Mac port of Diablo 2 and LoD, which I downloaded from the Blizzard site directly. As such, I don't have Wine, a Windows Partition, or any other crazy work arounds. I have 'The Unarchiver', so that I can open .zip files. I downloaded MXL_Setup_v0.3.1.0.exe, but it won't open, stating "The contents of "MXL_Setup_v0.3.1.0.exe" cannot be extracted with The Unarchiver."

What should I do to get everything working? And can it be done without having to downgrade my compatibility by using a Windows Simulation to run D2.

And please don't say "Just get a Windows machine to play." I am a few months away (at minimum) from making a basic gaming PC.

Thank you for the help.