[MXLS] Character Corpses

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Anonymous: wrote:But you can still recover body in HC right ?

Haha, fun-e jouke.

Anyway, IMO I think this should be a guaranteed feature for SP due to unavailability for exit&re-join game like MP has.
Having save exit in MP is useful especially when there's another player/s in your game or RNG luck of your deserted room staying up for more than 10 seconds. And yes, it does require you to move your hands once and a while when you try and rejoin.

I agree with no corpse but at the same time I don't think its really necessary for MP

Edit: MP may be more necessary than I think, still support SP tho
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Pel wrote:Nice but will make alot of stuff easier unless bosses regen full if u die

Don't worry, there's something we haven't announced yet that's planned. This will not make anything easier and will also get rid of those tedious moments where retrieving corpse isn't a balance measure but just an annoyance. There's no point in continuing this discussion now, the general feedback has been pretty clear and it's been implemented.