Another Font For Those Who Enjoy Serifs But Also Not Wearing Their Glasses To Play A 17 Year Old Game

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Dude Love
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WARNING: Use at your own risk. Using -direct mods in conjunction with Median XL can result in strange occurrences.

idk the title made me chuckle


letters are not actually my make, props go to this dude who does a lot of really cool old vidya font recreations, i just ported it into a .dc6 and did offsets

link, just drop the data folder where your patch_d2.mpq is (since I use D2SE mine is C:\Games\Diablo II\MODS\Median XL)


zippyshare links deactivate a month after they're made so if it's after august 28th 2017 u might have to remind me for a reup idk it's late

only supports english rn afaik