Samael, Descendant of MNX

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After I saw that Samael was finally defeated on realm I decided to give it a try on SP. It's not like I'm surprised but the lack of useful information about this boss fight left much to be desired. So, I decided to gather it myself, however the stats which I'll provide might not be exactly the same for realm... I'm not guarantee that you will be able to beat Samael after reading this miniguide, it's more about fight mechanic and theorycrafting, however you will have a better understanding of BS you'd have to face while fighting this boss.


Samael, Herald of the End

    Level 120
    Base HP 1 120 000
    50% Physical Res
    50% Magic Res
    99% Fire Res
    99% Lightning Res
    99% Cold Res
    1k% Poison Res (Immune)
as you can see, he is a tough guy, insane damage resistance!

    Damage Divisor 30
which means all your damage is divided by 30 (for Destruction Baal this stat is equal to 15 btw)

    Armor Class 36 000
the chance to hit him with lvl 120 char would be:

    50k AR ~ 58% CtH
    100k AR ~ 74% CtH
    150k AR ~ 81% CtH
    200k AR ~ 85% CtH
    250k AR ~ 87% CtH
and only 700k AR would give you 95% CtH (unless you are using items with -%Monster Defense or -Monster Defense per Hit modifiers)

    HP Regen ~546 hp/frame
that's roughly 13 675 hp per second!

    225% IAS
    225% FRW
Samael is fast as lightning, he doesn't care that much about your slow (unless you're stacking different types of slow, ex. Chronofield, Force Blast, Screaming Eagle)

    25% Block
    65% Dodge
    65% Avoid
    65% Evade
even with a decent amount of AR you are not guaranteed to hit him (spells would miss him 65% of the time as well)

    Life after Each Kill 250 000
he heals for like 22% of his max hp after kill

Samael has a chance to cast following spells:

    1% Ctc lvl 5 Teleport when Take Damage
    1% Ctc lvl 1 DeathStrike Clone when Take Damage
his other spells is actually his own attacks, so you can effectively reduce their cast rate (slow source)

Samael also has a Debuff Aura which reduces the following stats:

    -50% Avoid
    -50% Evade
forget about evasion unless you are standing still (this aura doesn't reduce Dodge apparently)

    -350% Chance to Open Wounds
since Sword of the White Void was removed, it's impossible to stop his insane hp regen unless you nullify that negative OW% (so you can effectively apply it!)

    -50% Velocity
    -25% Max Lightning Res
lightning spell damage from the Gargoyle trap is annoying

Gargoyle trap (Wannabe Samael)

    Invulnerable, invisible, immobile
    Casts AoE lightning spell
    2% CtC lvl 1 Summon Pain Worm on Striking
more players present at the arena - more worms spawned
more time you spend trying to kill Samael - more worms getting summoned

Wannabe grants next Debuff Aura:

    -3% Chance to Block
forget about blocking projectiles

Pain Worm

    100% CtC lvl 99 Gift of Inner Fire when your enemy is Slain
here is another healing mechanic, just in case Samael get cold...
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did u end up killing it ?
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Unfortunately, no. I did manage to stop his life regen, however I gave up because of lackluster damage. Maybe it was possible to kill him with tp cheese, but that would take a lot of time.
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Pretty good summary.
What would be nice to add is list of his attacks and abilities, what sort of instagibs to avoid and/or not bother trying to figure out how to tank them.
Note about slow is also correct, its important to emphasize how useful can it be, if you combine slows target with certain skill slows, because boss can be slowed to really decent state, giving you time in between his attacks to inflict damage.

As for the solo kill, it will be difficult to come close to Kyromyr result with barb, as it is hard to combine crucial components on a single character that make it possible, other than this very specific barb builds.
What you want:
- 450 ow (or close to it)
- reasonable chance to hit (problem for casters)
- 50% slows target + two slow skills (you can use one slow skill but boss will be significantly faster)
- enough ehp to survive/outheal shock aura and cold bolts from adds
- high damage output, ideally elemental with as high as possible pierce

Note that kyromyr barb gets 7k max damage per element from nephalem spirit with over 100% triple pierce. This sort of damage is pretty high to reach even if you dedicate other classes for damage, and forget about slow or having 450ow.
There is one interesting part about -def per target, which could be a way to get AR problem out of the equation for a caster.
But if you are a caster, using all these open wounds slot costs you a lot of damage, while for neph barb it mostly costs you pierce, since nephalem spirit is prebuffed upon casting anyway. Caster will lose both spelldamage and pierce, by not using spell crafts.
Finally there is problem with slow, while capping slows target only really takes up just weapon slot, not many classes can add multiple skill slow sources to the fight. If you wanted to use caster sin, you can't even use phase bomb because then you can't apply ow. Even little detail like ability to use time field charges dirk as offhand is very useful, because as other class that can't dual wield, you'd have to swap that during fight to cast the thing, which will cost you precious time.
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His skills are pretty much straight forward, you don't need that much time to figure out hot to deal with them. I guess I can say that visible Samael's skills are fair (except for desync which is the thing even in TCP/IP game apparently), all of the bullshit mechanics is hidden behind the veil - that's what I tried to show with this thread.

Edit: Good stuff @aerial, finally a decent chunk of useful strategy tips :thumb:
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I mean if you really analyze what is needed, you can tell why the fight supposed to be balanced for teams.
If you even use two characters, you can get these stats much easier, one utility chracter slows + ow, and then dps char focused on maximum damage (while boss is spawned @ p1). Usually that character can add one more slow skill without sacrificing any damage (sorc for example).
You can even add bunch of friends @ arena portal, that will only cast spell damage buffs, and will not take any active part in the fight, they will not enter the arena. Motw, bloodlust, innate necro spelldmg wall, these things can come completely free from party.

The main problem there is desynch and fact people die to invisible stuff, having hard time to synch tping out, this is why I think it took so long for people to kill it. Because they knew all this for quite some time.

There is one more factor I forgot to mention: proper skill used for dpsing the boss. He triggers suff when struck (deathstrike), so ideally you want skill that packs more damage per hit, rather than one that hits in more weaker ticks, because it will proc more. Another thing is that you need to be moving to not get deathstriked, so some skills that require you to stand still are not viable because of this.
Another thing that is very helpful when selecting skill, if skill is homing, it helps vs the desynch, because even if you don't see boss where he really is, homing projectiles will get him. Alternatively skill that creates aoe on the ground, boss can walk into it by itself, even if you don't see his correct position on screen (abyss).
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you created a guide and you did not kill the boss :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
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Shadow wrote:you created a guide and you did not kill the boss :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

This isn‘t a guide. This is a collection of data :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: