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Hey, so just found out about this.. is it all offline.. whys theres not much gold while playing? how do I make it "full screen" with the glide graphics.. etc etc etc, so many questions, a median xl for dumbies would be good..
played it since it came out, so cant wait to get back in..
It is not all offline, you can join TSW Server, guide here:
To get gold early pick up every ring and amulet, they are worth about 1000 gold each after identifying.
To get full screen with glide, just open launcher, go to settings and check if the "Run the game in windowed mode" is on. If it is, disable it. Also, in Video Mode, select 3DFX Glide.
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I thought I did all of that, but still get the borders at the side, oh well, not that big a deal.. and uberquests, are they new quests/chapters? when do they appear??.. was the lot of small amounts of gold changed to more magic item drops in this mod?
tia again
Uberquests are in new locations, everything about them is in the docs. You can get charms from them at destruction diffictulty. I don't know what do you mean by magic items, but gold is not a issue later. You can also put runes in throwing weapons and sell them, you can get a lot of gold like this. Not as much as in older patches, but still good enough
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I paid 10$ for this.
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I'd advice picking up all apples, rings and amulets in the beginning. Sell all rings and amulets that don't have resist on them for easy gold. Sell the apples in act 2 or 5 for 5000 gold or 7500 gold respectively. In act 1 those apples will only give you 2000 gold, so that's not really worth it considering that you don't really need much gold in that act except for the box grisworld drops. That way you should easily get through hatred.
Also, be sure to have 50% or maxed res in act 5 on hatred, cause that is when enemies start to hit really hard, and there is a lot of them