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by TommiHelm
4 weeks
Forum: Archive
Topic: Discussion - Single player - Demonized, but better?
Replies: 24
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Discussion - Single player - Demonized, but better?

The "Offline Tools" have a "shared stash" function that basically let you mule from one character to another, just like dropping shit on the ground with one character and picking it up with another. From what I can tell, there's not a whole lot you can do in that Tool that you ca...
by TommiHelm
4 weeks
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: "Cookies" voting system
Replies: 37
Views: 2091

"Cookies" voting system

I didn't even realize cookies was a thing until now. Now I can't unsee it. :( Damn be every one of you! :evil:
by TommiHelm
1 month
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: Melee Sorceress
Replies: 570
Views: 157221

Re: Melee Sorceress

Tokkie wrote:Can someone tell me what ACD means, can’t find it on the web. Ty

Armor Class (Defense) I think. Basically just your Defense number.
by TommiHelm
7 months
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Median will lose players
Replies: 9
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Median will lose players

This happens every time there is an update for the Launcher for me to. There is a big red button saying "INSTALL", but if you click it you get this error. Instead click the tiny "restart" link in the green header up top (you should have this before you get the error). This will d...

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