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by tbrown47
1 year
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: The TLDR 2H Barb
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Re: The TLDR 2H Barb

I meant exactly that, just make sure you MOd stuff to have high defense, ppl tend to forget about it early on. Having high defense on armor pieces helps obviously. Iotss is pretty defense based uber, physical damage, so you can postpone doing it for a bit, get few other charms first. In general thi...
by tbrown47
2 years
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: MXL 1.3/Temporary Sigma Bugs&Feedback
Replies: 554
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Re: MXL 1.3 Bugs&Feedback

thoughts on the game from a new player perspective (played a bowazon, got to level 120 and did all the easy/moderate uber quests except rathma square [how is this moderate] and bull prince rodeo [cannot kill dbaal]) note that these come from the perspective of a bowazon, which heavily weight my expe...

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