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by theonetain
1 month
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Summon Barbarian advive needed (Sigma Σ)
Replies: 2
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Summon Barbarian advive needed (Sigma Σ)

Need some MO advice, first my current gear: level 107 summon barbarian (currently at Hell Act 1 Sin War server) Uldyssian's Legion (Bronze Sword) (4) current required level: 75 (5 MO'ed) +10% to summoned minion resistances Fauztin's Visage (Field Plate) (4) current required level: 95 (5 MO'ed) +10% ...
by theonetain
7 months
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Median XL Σ Released
Replies: 115
Views: 86101

Median XL Σ Released

Hello, I am interested in trying Median XL Sigma, but have D2SE V2.2.0 installed with many mods including Median XL V2012_v005 (my OS is Windows 10 btw). If I click on the install button on the launcher will it overwrite my D2 folder, or install in its own folder and use the D2 files it needs from t...

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