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by XanderTheOne
1 year
Forum: Median XL International
Topic: Median XL en español?
Replies: 8
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Median XL en español?

Sorin tienes nombre rumano y apellido búlgaro pero puesto que sabes español pronto habrá versión española de Median XL. :pop:
by XanderTheOne
1 year
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Median XL Σ Released
Replies: 115
Views: 100196

Median XL Σ Released

There is only one thing that the new D2 installers (11.2?) are missing, the old cdKeys format ( 4 chars then - XXXX-XXX etc) Its relativelly easy to make an installer, it must ask your key tho and Yes I know in this type of developments to make autoInstaller puts the responsability in the Dev team, ...

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