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by ggwasez
4 months
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Season 19 stats
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Re: Season 19 stats

Why do you think Assassins are least popular every season? Harder to get going with? Because the only 2 reasons to play a sin are literally gone from this mod. their melee is near useless without ww or something close their bombs are useless with a 2 second fuse and massive mana drain shuriken fury...
by ggwasez
5 months
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Short Questions Thread
Replies: 25509
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iso assassin help

Does phoenix stack with gryfon and spider? If i max all 3 will it make scorpion strike any better or will the math be off and end up worse or bugged? I used all 3 and got blade shield to over 1k damage and scorpion blade at 11k and i KNOW it was hitting for all 3 because sounds and gfxs of all 3 ele...

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