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by Scooty_Malone
2 months
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Servants of Valor don't summon?
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Servants of Valor don't summon?

Am I missing something with this skill? I'm playing UHM, and Servants of Valor (Formerly Scourge) just don't appear when I try to summon them. Is there some sort of requirement to summon them? Edit: I think I figured it out. Melee specialization that only allows buff/debuff and class skills, I thoug...
by Scooty_Malone
2 years
Forum: Old Guides
Topic: Unholy Melee Paladin [105-120/125 content in TU's]
Replies: 568
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Unholy Melee Paladin Guide [WIP]

So In Fero Salva seems like it'd be amazing for this build, any particular reason it's not among the list of recommended weapons, out of curiosity?

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