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by aska771
3 months
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Σ 2.4 Bugs&Feedback
Replies: 249
Views: 22704

Σ 2.4 Bugs&Feedback

I used the Ten Pin Striker of Mystic Orb on the Black Ice, which is not the double effect. And the up limit is 923% instead of 1000%.
by aska771
5 months
Forum: Median XL International
Topic: Chinese guide thread
Replies: 3
Views: 12433

Chinese guide thread

by aska771
11 months
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: SSF Bowzon
Replies: 974
Views: 403625

SSF Bowzon

Sadly, I haven't seen Wolf for one year. I recently saw an anonymous vote on the author of the game guild. His vote was less, and I assumed the reason is left a period of time. I can follow his game guild and am happy to pass all the level 130 bosses for the first time. I got a lot of achievements a...
by aska771
1 year
Forum: Showcase
Topic: [S29] -220° frozen samael (Add “no relic to kill samael” video)
Replies: 15
Views: 4514

Re: [S29] -220° frozen samael

huangyunshy wrote:
Pinball wrote:t4v Image

He is my idol:D

At least I can find the gear, better than tv4
by aska771
1 year
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: Javazon
Replies: 152
Views: 255737


Merry Xmas. Thank you for not giving up on us newbies yet and giving me the urge to de again.
by aska771
1 year
Forum: Old Guides
Topic: The Neutralidin - From Zero to Absolut(ion) Hero
Replies: 39
Views: 98842

The Neutralidin - From Zero to Absolut(ion) Hero

Thanks for sharing and guiding.
I have practiced level 1-135, T0 level upgrade speed, normal to hell difficulty without great hindrance. The single output is relatively weak. For those seeking maximum output, the piano player switching skills can't last for a pleasant farm
by aska771
1 year
Forum: Guide Center
Replies: 261
Views: 286513


Thank you for the guide, so that the new comer have more choices. If I play this game alone, which option is more compatible and the gears can be easily obtained. ( Str/Dex/EL).
by aska771
1 year
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: Naginata Assassin
Replies: 304
Views: 252664

Naginata Assassin

Hi Lynderika, do me a favor , would you please share your hotkey and skill settings if you can take a picture is perfect. Thanks.
by aska771
1 year
Forum: Support / Installation
Topic: Errors on closing
Replies: 7
Views: 9311

Errors on closing

i also have same issue since i used the Win10.
Thanks conveee provided some solution but unfortunately its doesn't work. :cry:

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