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by Scalewinged
4 years
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Short Questions Thread
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Re: Short Questions Thread

1. Why does my plugy stats in-game freeze when I click left or right arrow? I can't see how much crushing blow I have on my trap rat, which would be nice to know. 2. What kind of items/stats I should focus on trap rat so I can beat fauztinville and other not very hard ubers? I'm stuck at doing fauz...
by Scalewinged
4 years
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Windows 10
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Re: Windows 10

Nah.... i'm still using Windows XP SP3 and i'm veeeeery happy :P
by Scalewinged
4 years
Forum: Median XL International
Topic: Вопрос-ответ!
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Ну пусть у не говорящих на английском будет своя тема для вопросов с блэк-джеком и шлюхами.
by Scalewinged
4 years
Forum: Archive
Topic: Uniques: A tip and a few questions
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Re: Uniques: A tip and a few questions

suchbalance wrote:
dseff wrote:Whats the chances of rolling a unique with the chaos reroll?

Very low - to the point where it's not worth it (and again you can't get sacreds). For exact figure you're going to have to look up cMXL files.

But with that recipe you always can get lvl 1 uniq like Locust Hive arrows.

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