Tips for Kabraxis fight as melee?

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aerial wrote:With good enough gear you can melee him, hit and run, need enough health to be able reliably survive his melee attack and heal afterwards.
With insane gear and good boss build he can be killed in few seconds.

I'm pretty sure the only strategy for trap rat is re-roll.
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I try to find a stamina shrine before starting Kabraxis (Not shrine crafting. It is the environment shrine that gives a buff)

Then is all about hit and spacing using sprint. Not too near to get damage by its aoe and not too far for it to jump onto me.
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I just used a hit and run tactic. I would let him pounce on me, hit him a few times, and then run before his green swirlies or fire killed me. Rinse and repeat. I would occasionally leave him on one side of the map to take a break and mow down the skeletons. As a barb, I found fortress not great for the boss himself due to the skeletons soaking up the hits and him constantly moving, but it was good for taking out the skeletons and keeping their numbers somewhat down.
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Bagboy_Brown wrote:Pretty sure it's impossible with trap rat. 90% poison resist (500% total) doesn't matter. It just takes so fucking long to cast quill storm and if you use anything else the skeletons pile up. Can't use summons because he heals on them, eggs don't do anything, thornwall is single target & no amount of FHR is gonna help you (hard cap is over 700).

I did it with trap rat druid (lvl 13x) two seasons ago, it was very easy, actually I farmed him a bit.
I had Shark (Xis) on an eth kriss, the damage was good enough to kill him. My FHR was 250 if I remember correctly.
Just running in circles and spamming quills.
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Practise, practise and more practise. Look how he moves and when he moves. Look at how he casts those aoe skills and when stops and starts shooting other missiles. I have been doing him past couples days for trophy and i really enjoy these fights as melee char. About 8-12 pots and deathless runs. But if you get careless or don't react fast enough he can melt you quite fast. Which is good balance and makes fight worth learning.
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necro thread from the beginning of sigma. nice.
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You just w8 him to teleport into you and hit few then run repeat until you kill him .. kill few of his minion it traps u sometimes .. I increase my poi resist when I see he absorb poison about 200 is good
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when he pounce you , you attack him , and run . over and over .he will die .