Dissapointed with the direction MXL is taking

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I had to make an account just to say all this because its getting ridiculous.. Not sure if anyone cares but oh well here we go.

I have been playing Median for years now and d2/mods far longer than that. This mod was always a great one.
But what I am seeing is the devs for this game driving it into the dirt with the decisions they make and the way they seem to view their game and the people who deign to play it.
Every year or two I come back to a new version, have to lose all my characters, lose everything but okay I can deal with that for new content I guess (and correct documentation...)
But this 'sigma' version is just too much. Every single time they release an update, along with some improvements they make the game more constrained, less fun especially for single player which is all I do, removing features, dumbing it down and disallowing the player to play the game as they like. Now even changing the tried and true method of launching with d2se...

I get that you people have your realm but I don't care for that, the last straw for me is the decision to disallow plugy/shared stash. The way I play d2 for many many years is SP with shared stash. I don't have fun micromanaging items, I make pages and pages all nicely sorted, and as a result I literally will not play sigma. All of these cool new features for nothing, because I still have to play 2017 version, at least I can play the way I want to in that one.
Save file editor is useless too, it seems like you can share items but it is absolutely annoying and can't share gold either. IF YOU CAN TRANSFER TO SHARED STASH WITH SAVE EDITOR WHATS THE POINT! JUST GIVE US PLUGY OR EQUIVALENT FEATURES!! All it does is save us time and effort! Forcing me to manage items in an external program is stupid and unnecessary.

The devs seem to have an attitude that this is some super real and legit game and not a MOD OF D2 and have lost sight of the most important part of (single-player) gaming - playing it in whatever way is fun for you. These aren't cheats I'm talking about, just simple quality-of-life or preference stuff, modularity etc.. Sure, discourage and disable that stuff by default, disallow on realm, but don't screw us SP players like this!!! 90% of what a game is, is the people who play it and by trying to force us all into 'your way' of playing the game you are just going to cause people to stop playing. It is just a rude attitude to have.
I've seen the devs stance on what is 'cheating' and I believe their heads are completely up their a**es. The 'save editor' is a complete joke and no fun, I almost always play thru games legit but a game is a game and sometimes you wanna play around with a file and somehow that is wrong to these people? They go far out of the way to make it as annoying and locked-down as possible, forgetting that were it not for such experimentation this mod and others wouldn't even exist...! It all comes off as very self-righteous to me.

Such an ungodly amount of things change in each patch there is no consistency, every update I try does nothing but make me anxious and enjoy it less and spend hours reading documents instead of PLAYING THE GAME.
Before you know it we'll all be back to d2-sized stash because the devs will think extra space is 'cheating'...
I've even heard the /players command has been disabled, like what?

Also, insisting on an 'online installer' is completely, unnecessarily boneheaded. My windows game machine is offline-only and it took me like a few hours to find all the necessary info and files. That is absurd, offline install procedure+links should be properly documented on the download page, good thing I found a guide somewhere down the forum rabbit-hole because there was no mention of it anywhere, even then I had to copy my old glide files in for glide to work..
What is even the point of the launcher? Some glittery launch options that could easily be set with glide-init or other method?
Typical nu-gaming nonsense... We're not children.

I will probably stick to old versions or just stop playing unless some things change. How sad.. Now all that's left is for this post to get deleted :/
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p.s.: save your time it's just another "bring back pluggy plzz" topic.
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Who cares?

Anyways, you are not even talking about gameplay, jesus, just get your own headw out of your ass. And it is not hero editor, its offline tools, it is not made to allow you to cheat.