Nerf drop rates a little in next season?

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Lava Lord
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In this upcoming season a lot more ppl will play than we seen so far.
I think drop rates should be adjusted to this
It'd be a little cancer to see 752359 shop threads in forum with everyone trying to sell 60x set item and other 40x SU.
And when playing, SU or setitem drop wouldn't be any excitement, except it is a sacred armor or some bis stuff.
In previous seasons usually trading partly died after 1-2 weeks except for mostly needed items.
Now everyone will have increased stash space, everyone will hoard more items.
So i'd suggest some overall reduce in droprate, so everything would have increased value. Less hoarding crap items, more excitement when finding any su/set item.
Jungle Hunter
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I disagree. This would just be a huge nerf to the Solo Self Found playstyle. Drop rates are already bad enough and forcing people into trades, when trading in this game really isn't the best [worse than PoE] will just alienate a lot of the player base.
Dark Huntress
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Balancing Drops based on how many people are going to play, is like reducing drops because people can bot (in games, in general), makes no sense, and hurts the players more than it helps prevent flooding the market with items and "ruining the economy", when it's actually "Supply and Demand", when there's enough supply and not so much demand, price will drop, when there's not enough supply, but demand is high, price will rise, this is almost a law pf physics in itself (this is not a direct correlation btw, I know people would have to notice the increase in the sales of that particular item to start bringing the price up to the point where people are still willing to buy at the inflated price, and when there's no sale on that item for them to start dropping the price to where people justify spending to get that particular item)

Supply and Demand can be affected by a lot of thing:
Which builds people play?
How easily could they find the item themselves?
Can they be bothered to grind or just jump on trade center to get them?
And many other things people just do ... because ... reasons!

The Economy will change, it will never be static.
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I disagree too.

98% of the items in shops are crap...let the owner list and hoard them, the most players needs sigs - and exactly this is what everyone make with this stuff.

Really usefull items are expensive at start of the new season - as every new season...the rest goes for 1-5TG or never.
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Forum trading is stupid in the first place. It is much more enjoyable to find your own item.
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I play self found and would hate to be forced into trading to finish a build. I agree with everyone else in the thread that this would be a detrimental change.
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Neon Fiend
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onanism wrote:I play self found and would hate to be forced into trading to finish a build. I agree with everyone else in the thread that this would be a detrimental change.

100% this. It's fine if you want to engage in trading but crippling ssf players would be a major bummer.
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Amazon Warrior
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sry, no.
imo low drop rates make game cancer grind.

there must be a better way to make it worthwhile without nerfing overall drop rates
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Most uniques I pick up end up being AC or Signets anyway. I oppose this nerf.
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Thunder Beetle
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one of the worse ideas I've seen, rates aren't that high to begin with so I don't know what's the point of bringing them down even more with 99% of uniques being ac/sigs