Auction Rules

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Hello all, due to the increasing popularity of auctions, it's time to set a few rules/guidelines to keep it clean. In the future, if this format becomes more popular, there might be enhanced ways for users to do them in the forum, such as new forum features. We'll see.

Main Rules and Guidelines
- Lowest bid: 5 TG, if none specified by auctioneer.
- All bids need to be placed in the auction topic. No private messaging.
- No multiple auctions per topic.
- Place a bid only if you own the amount of TG you're offering.
- Once an auction has at least one bidder, you may not cancel it.
- Titles should start with Auction:, for consistency.

What can be auctioned?
Do some research before creating an auction. Several items have fixed prices in the market. Unless you're offering very rare items, or items with very good rolls, it is better to simply place your item in your regular trade topics and not bother creating an auction. If you have an item but don't know if it's good, you can ask in the forum shoutbox for some advice, otherwise you will look like a fool trying to profit from mediocre items.

As always, keep it clean and transparent. Since all trades are public, shady movements can easily be spotted by the community. Any kind of scams or scam attempts will lead to the permanent suspension of the user's TG without warning. Have fun!