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Glamdring26 wrote:I agree with most of what you said. People dont like talking about singleplayer or the players associated with them.I played singleplayer for 2 years and switched to multiplayer the last season before sigma. It was way more fun to me. The feeling of trading the item you need and getting that powerup makes me feel much better. While in sp since there is no target farm you just spend months trying to find that one item.

Also multiplayer allows me to join a 8 man game and get exp way quickler which is cancer to grind nowadays.

Another thing about multiplayer is that creating a new char in sp is just so bad right now. In mp you can create a char at the start of the season, play it and do all ubers and than switch to other char with twinked gear, which makes your leveling much easier. And you already have some of the end game items for that build so that you can make it work right away. But in singleplayer there is no item transfer. If you create a new char you will start from nothing. All charms/trophies/sigs/items are needed to grind them once again.

Also doing labs with other players was pretty fun to me, and i think you can get the "multiplayer experience" there.

You can transfer items through local area network game.
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otarU1921 wrote:
You can transfer items through local area network game.

its slow af and annoying but technically you can, yes
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The "Offline Tools" have a "shared stash" function that basically let you mule from one character to another, just like dropping shit on the ground with one character and picking it up with another.

From what I can tell, there's not a whole lot you can do in that Tool that you can't already in game. Free respec, whoopdi doo. Don't use it if you don't wanna. Or better yet. Farm a couple of ACs and thrown them away, to pretend you bought a Belladonna online and then use it. :-P

I agree with the whole TG thing at start of ladders being a bit meh, but it is how it is, and it's not the end of the world. As for Single Player being "looked down upon", who bloody cares. Just play for your own fun and achievements. Why would you give a damn what someone on the Internet, who you don't know and never will know in real life, think about what you do in a computer game? :roll:
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(they made multiplayer drops worse to profit from tg)
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TommiHelm wrote:.

From what I can tell, there's not a whole lot you can do in that Tool that you can't already in game.

Although you can dupe in MP as well Dupeing with multistash tool is far easier( was even easier with plugy of course)