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Hey guys, need your advice. I love playing this great game and a lot of other one, but I love playing with some background music. Can you share some website or something where I can listen it with no annoying ads?
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The first website you can try is our favorite [url][/url], but as you know there you have only two options: pay & listen, or listen music & ads :D

Maybe Spotify is the thing you need. It has much less ads but sometimes it stops you from skiping song (you can skip only 6 songs per hour in free spotify version)

Also, I have discovered another music service called feelmp3. It was a radio I used to listen but than it moved to web-based concept. They have just started, I still wait for their application for mobiles.. But you can check up beta-version here:
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My dude. Two Steps From Hell. Enjoy :) ... Tvom83tPGg