What I dislike in PoE

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the ppl who talk in discord about POE.
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I hate how a jump from act 5 to act 6 ? reduced my resistances and did no tell me anything. Got one shoted by random stuff until i randomly looked and saw negative values ....
Also orbs of chaos stopped dropping - pls fix...
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actually it warned you after you defeated (or rather... get rekt) by kitava in act 5 in the chat box, same shit will happen when you defeat kitava for real
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Anonymous: wrote:I hate how a jump from act 5 to act 6 ? reduced my resistances and did no tell me anything. Got one shoted by random stuff until i randomly looked and saw negative values ....
Also orbs of chaos stopped dropping - pls fix...

as someone already says when you beat first kitava fight a message pops up in the bottom right saying you are afflicted with Kitava's Curse or whatever and 30% of all res are gone. and yea you will lose another 30% when you beat act 10. get grinding for res gear and crafting res into rings and shit!
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Prime_Evil wrote:
PodolskyV wrote:All that shit about passive tree and skill sokets so boring to read that I don't even bother to play PoE. I think that ARPG genre is stuck at dead end currently and should develop in other way. The devs should try to make combat fun and challenging first of all instead of making gameplay of holding one button and press some other buttons from time to time. MXLS is good because following factors: good flow dynamic gameplay from the start, real diversity in builds that affects playstyle, smooth learning curve and good endgame content, but combat in it's core are outdated surely. Would the devs make customisation characters more complicated, MXLS turn into shit nearly as PoE is because PoE lack some strong sides of Median, but overal it's close to MXLS and overcomplicated though.

I mean, youre the guy who asked people about whats meta for werewolf druid builds here, so im not surprised theorycrafting stuff by yourself with the "boring passive tree and skill sockets" of PoE overwhelms you. But youre free to your opinion ofc, no matter how wrong that opinion is.

What's wrong with question about werewolf druid? I run with weird build now with crystal sword, just wandered if anyone tried the same.
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zero_nova wrote:I left PoE and many ppl over there left too. Various reasons, but technical issues that prevent your progress or kill your char and a clear repetition of them over many years is a sign of something wrong on the developers side.

RNG is like the god behind PoE.

The skill system combined with socket system is overcomplicated for a certain % of the players. There are millions of paths to follow in the passive tree, yet most of them lead to chars that hit a wall and won’t survive end game. Most players are going to fail in their path, which causes frustration. I don’t understand the logic behind the tree, there are life nodes, mana nodes, attack nodes, etc spread out in every direction. You must spend not some time, but a substantial time in studying it. Are all nodes meaningful? Some nodes provide +3% resist all. What is a node like that doing there when items already can provide +10% to + 80% resist? At least for me, a node that grants the same stat that an item grants adds flexibity at the expense of user friendliness.

For ex: you deal 1000 points of fire damage. But you have to take in account enemy's resistance to fire, critical chance, critical multiplier, enemy is burning or not, etc. You never know how much damage you are dealing and how much damage you are taking.

I have a feeling that smaller trees are more manageable than one tree for all. Including for the developers. Because one giant tree becomes fragile, where one change here can break something else far away due to unforseen consequences. That reminds of the butterfly effect. By one giant tree for all I didn’t meant one tree per class, but rather specialized trees for different aspects of the character. Another idea comes from “less is more”, meaning fewer nodes but nodes that can be upgraded somehow.

PoE’s tree has so many branches that I have no idea what was their philosophy behind it. For ex: node A increases elemental damage. Then a subclass node increases casting speed. Or the other branch increases fire damage. Then sub-subbranch node increases the explosion caused by fireballs. Some hierarchy like this could at least be more meaningful for players. In some ways the tree does have subnodes, but it also has detours and turn around paths that add to the confusion.

After some time I think I got what was their core idea behind the passive tree. For starters, all classes share the same tree. There are 3 axes: int, str and dex. Plus 3 hybrid axes int + str, int + dex, etc. Everyone can access any node anywhere in the tree, the differnce is how close or far away that node is from your starting point. This explains why there are so many duplicated nodes in the tree. Nodes that boost pretty much the same thing spread out in all places in the tree. With the exception that nodes related to Bow are all close to the ranger, whereas all nodes related to wands are close to the Witch. A witch can travel all the way around to bows, but it’s so far away that it’s probably not optimal. Maybe some players want to do that, but if the char just dies over and over that’s a build that nobody is going to go for anyways.

If I were a designer I would drift away from that massive tree. I’d have a hard time thinkering with “should critical chance be closer or farther away from life?”, “Should increased mana require more or fewer int nodes to travel to it?”, and so on. For me, if critical multiplies damage by 1.5, then either do it or don't. It's overcomplicated to add to the math conditions where the multiplier might be higher or lower due to some curse or whatever.

The sockets have 3 layers of RNG. Quantity + colors + links. Which means that some skills are locked out of reach unless you overcome RNG. The system creates a puzzle for you to solve, which seems to go in the opposite direction of the word ACTION. The links are sequential o-o-o-o, which naturally leads many players to think that the order of support skills matter, yet order does not matter. You can have two or three of the same support skill, but you have to learn by yourself that having two of the same support skill does not add, you can’t stack up + 30% + 30% + 30% added cold damage for instance. Not every support gem supports every other active gem. Sometimes a player is using gems that just do nothing together.

Propecies seem to be the perfect example of RNG over RNG. There are prophecies that grant you something that already exists in game, such a rare drop or 6 links. But if the prophecy itself is rare to get, what is it adding to the game other than more gambling?

Can drops be biased in one direction or must they be completely random? Most of the time you never find what you want. Kill a boss, some magic item with one affix drops. Open a chest, some alteration orb drops. You use the orb on some sword, some random affix is applied. It’s one layer of RNG over another layer of RNG. Killing a boss demands time and strenght. But clicking “roll the dice” demands patience and luck. Yet both methods have the same underlying RNG.

For ex: there could be a slow progress between +0.1% life leech till 10% life leech. And / or incremental upgrades to your gear that does not refresh the affixes every time. Diablo 2 mods do that.

There are special interventions that can happen at random anywhere. A lot of players complain that when they do not want it, it does show up. When they want it, they have to rely on luck because the game is randomly choosing to place it or not where you are. Imagine that you have 10 different unique content that can be spawned on some area (crystals, unique boss, portal to somewhere, magical chest of rewards, etc) if each one has 10% of chance of spawning, you have no idea which one you are going to encounter. If there are 100 unique content and the probabilty goes down to 1%, it becomes even more random and even more unpredictable.

In many games there is the concept of Rock - Scissor - Paper. Applying that to resistance would mean that while you can have 100% resist fire, you cannot have +100% resist all elements. It doesn’t look too much fun to watch streamers with builds that just spam a skill and grind to death without much trouble as fast as it can.

Is there a point where complex customization becomes more bothersome than fun? Damage being split in four or five classes and with different multipliers being applied under different conditions. It becomes a puzzle, a math game. What’s the difference between +10% increased weapon damage and having +10% increased [weapon type] damage? Combine the skill tree with gems, all affixes from all gear and affixes from flasks and you have like 10 million combinations.

The progression curve in PoE is weird. Most of the crafting is restricted to high lvl, meaning that you don't craft anything until you reach high lvls.

They keep it hardcore because the hardcore fanbase is adamant to change how the game is. I've realized that Abyss, Delve, breach, synthesis, incursion, etc have the idea of making the player rush and kill as many monsters per minute as possible. There are even players that complain about the complexity, the game just does not tell you what something is and what to do with it.

Great post actually! These are the main reasons I switched to League of Legends. I would also add that LoL has a better ecosystem as if you have any troubles with accomplishing a mission there you can easily tackle it via services like Skycoach https://skycoach.gg/wow-boost. In case with PoE it is way harder if possible :)
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Jekajio In my opinion, it is not fun to play if someone is playing for you. There are a lot of Addons for POE that make the game easier. Just read this article: https://uberant.com/article/846823-path-of-exile-addons-best-supportive-tools-for-poe/ The most useful add-ons are described in it.
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therobin95 wrote:Jekajio In my opinion, it is not fun to play if someone is playing for you. There are a lot of Addons for POE that make the game easier. Just read this article: The most useful add-ons are described in it.

I visited the site but my antivirus said that it is not reliable and advised to leave it asap. "Thanx" for recommendation!