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If someone is willing to help with writing/finishing/checking it, styling it isn't a problem. Atm, I don't have enough time to do it solo.
"but if it's simple it's not that hard" - Quirinus 2017
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Azure Drake
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Dear Admin and mod.
First of all I am sorry I speak English using bing translator.
Sorry I posted this in the content 2 topic.
I have to spend so much to buy that this amulet TG

I didn't know that when the SUICIDE NOTE on this amulet Jew socket then it up level 131.
Because this is the amulet has level available 121.
And amulet drop in Boss Vip of game. And amulet have socket.

Hope admin can help me un socket amulet.
I am truly admin and mod team thanks very much.

ID: xoac
char in game: jisoo
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1.) this is docs feedback. your issue is not docs issue.
2.) your issue is you didn't read the jewel saying +10 level requirement.