Median XL 2017 1.1 Version Log

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Pit Knight
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Marco wrote:
thanosdk wrote:From changelog: Boss health bar extension is now always the same, and no longer contains parenthesis

Will this fix the visual bug on defense tooltip after you defeat a boss?

suchbalance anwser about it back then: ... 313#p96313

Most likely it will fix it, yes, at least for most of the cases.
In the past health bars consisted of the boss name, and enough spaces until the string was 80 characters long.
Now it's always 10 spaces on both sides, so Diablo for example would be 26 characters, down from 80.

Nice, thank you, its nothing major just a visual annoyance at best.
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Marco wrote:the new uber documentation has been released:

Kehjistan -
Western Kingdoms -
Wastelands -

additionally, there are a few new pages in the docs:
Trophy bonuses -
Poison Damage Explained -
Spell Damage Explained - viewtopic.php?f=40&t=186
Armor Looks -

This is great! Love the new location of a lot of the ubers and the new ubers as well, really liking the new look of the documentation also.
Acid Prince
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From the looks of it, it seems most of the ubercharms havent lost too much of their bonuses which of course is good aside from the lost max skill point from the minigame removal. Also about time the trophies' effects get documented again
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Two (perhaps) silly questions:

1. From changelog: "New arcane crystal/shard drop bias for all Prime Evils (after Hatred Diablo)"

Are they dropable now?

2. I use the loader since last my understanding I havent more to da as to start him and the loader update automatically to the new patch, is this correct? Or have I something more to do?
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Oh my god, arcane crystal/shard droping from bosses? Been waiting for this!
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A big thank you to the Admin team, especially so to SB and Marco for yet ANOTHER amazing and relevant patch.