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macola wrote:I feel like a real artist. What a game...what a game... :clap:

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Black Road
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Creature of Flame
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Death Projector
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High Heavens
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Kingdom of Shadow
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Quov Tsin
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Rathma Square
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Sunless Sea
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Torajan Jungles
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Tran Athulua
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More to come!

Wow man, these shots are great, some of them with those light effects are majestic, fantastic work.
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:-D Thank you. And I had a lot of fun trying to "catch a moment".
Monkey King
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Ok my amateurish attempt to cach a moment - in short - my abjurer merc vs Zolton Kulle !


I have no idea, HOW to make image smaller or larger...
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1 week left for event :)