Event: Last Man Standing

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Anonymous: wrote:Any thoughts of making this type of event a weekly/monthly ? Participants would pay a certain amount of TG to get a seat in the team and winner would get the whole prize pool (-some percentage for expenses to a person(s) who maintain the whole event).

Any thoughts of community initiative? Are kitchen table rules that hard to follow/impose? Isn't it silly how everyone is presented with "this one thing" that in reality anyone can do for the sake of doing it with minimal impact (well sans cosmetic aura but really without the majority of fixed predetermined spots before start, cause only 1 was left for community grabs, and look i can't be too far off in saying that maybe and just maybe the devs can provide the cosmetic prize too, also i'm surely pro for TG buyins cause marked liquidity is great, but still ppl somehow are not interested even with this minimal effort to set it up, weird is it not?). Maybe it's a job defect of mine, or maybe something else. Also this is not really asking you or pointing at you or whatever, you're collateral qoute, and in reality i feel that this post is just shouting in the void, not for the devs not reading it, they read, but more so for the avg ppl not taking the initiative or even expanding on this.