Median XL - Trailer

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Acid Prince
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There's not enough blood in my body to support the boner I have right now.
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mahitovec wrote:Lmao, could you stop pressuring and begging non stop, maybe? This is awful how hype turns people into untermenschen... If you really wanted to get new info asap, you should've sign up for closed beta. MODders need to sleep/eat/fuck their wifes aswell... Have some respect and be patient.

I'm just a grammar nazi. Now go on with your lifes.
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suchbalance wrote:
Jaedong wrote:feels like the trailer is underselling the epicness a bit and it feels kinda weird to watch it somethimes atleast for me,
- map reveal = no mini map on screen
- new items = none on screen, well no one wants to read what it is sure but people are always about numbers especially if they are used to the lower ones from lod
- new uberquests, on screen: a diablo fight

The point of the trailer is to introduce someone who's never seen/heard of Median before to the game. Therefore clarity and simplicity were the top priorities to avoid overwhelming people.

It wasn't meant as much for "you", the veterans and long time community members. For you this patch brings more changes to the game than probably the last few years combined, new content and refreshed existing content etc. that are way outside the scope of this video.

guess i should change my point of view some more
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Ocatvius90 wrote:I am the angel of death, bringer of darkness and despair, I also bring cookies and milk to all who bow before my MIGHT!

Are you Satan or Santa?
Hail Kings. The New Kings. Stronger Than All.
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OMG 1 week!!!
My ass is hipeing just now!!
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Dark Huntress
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I will pour milk on someone if the Doc is released AFTER! I will have my revenge! FUAH!
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Dark Huntress
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Achilios' Eagle Eye
Achilios' Eagle Eye
Helm (Sacred)

Defense: (2814-3272) to (2967-3451)
Required Strength: 412
Required Level: 100
20% Increased Attack Speed
10% Faster Hit Recovery
+(201 to 250)% Enhanced Defense
(21 to 40)% Bonus to Vitality
Damage Reduced by (11 to 20)
10% Reanimate as: Familiar
Requirements -20%
Socketed (4)
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idelien wrote:OMG 1 week!!!
My ass is hipeing just now!!

ohhhhhhh yah
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Can't contain my excitement!! :cheers: :bounce: :cheers:
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Much much more HYPE than Diablo3, Necromancer, Reaper of Souls. HYYYPPPPEEEEEEEEE :)))