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iam level 124 and dont know how to access now without finding this last peace (mythical circle for melee sorc) what can I do know. ( sorry if wrong thread or discussion iam newbie here. but please help me ) what and where i have to farm to access the game ?o

Edit found it anywhen in Dunc- but Set gear is to weak for Endgame-.- have done almost 125 Ubers but how to access without end game gear ?

But Game still very nice. Better then the normal Diablo. Far better :D
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Maybe the new Xis rune system should be more advertised? Not every returning player read patch notes.
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it seems like not all gems and shrines can be dropped here
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Where can i farm SUs ? Farming Dunc alltime , iam level 129 and kill speed with melee sorc is very fast. Also have 240 mf but running dunc and faunz does no matter, runned it for week know and finding all time the same crap SUs like Thworing Axe or else -.- How to >Collect Endgame SUs or better SSUs ?
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duncraig and fauztinville is your best farming area for high density and kill speed
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I am not sure why cors happen.
The website doesn't have that issue thought CDN source and jquery version are different.

mac os 10.14.6
chrome 76.0.3809.100 64bit (latest)