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Wait till its up ?
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didt know if it was me, first time trying it. Can i take my single player character to multtiplayer afterwards?
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You can't do that. You can transfer your multiplayer char to single player but you have to pay for it.
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how do you respec in this version?
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nigerus wrote:how do you respec in this version?

Using a Belladonna Extract (found as a drop starting in Terror, mostly A3 Spider Forest and beyond (lvl 85+)) or the Akara respecs.
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How do i get plugy to work without reinstalling everything? Is there a way?
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The planner shows 139, I have 131 and need to get the +3 from signet of skill. Where do the other 5 points come from?
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AutoQQ wrote:The planner shows 139, I have 131 and need to get the +3 from signet of skill. Where do the other 5 points come from?

lvl 125 - TSW realm stats (& Quests, NotArmory, HC chars)
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Hi there; I´m pretty much new to the server. I knew about it but I never had the time or the energy to try this out. But the time has come. So, I have got several questions I would like to get answered:

Is it a good idea to test it before Median XL Sigma arrives?

Why are the skill trees so linear? (apparently). Am I missing something?

Why there´s so few people playing on the server at the beggining of ladder? I remember that some hours ago, only 176 people were playing.

Are builds/characters skills balanced? In other words, are they viable? Because you know, Diablo II restricted a lot of builds which could have been a lot of fun because of their low numbers or their lack of usefulness.

What kind of build do you recommend me to try this out?

Thanks for advance
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1) Yes absolutely, although many things will be similar in Sigma, there will be changes, its probably best not to g in totally blind.

2) I dont have a definite answer to this but in my experience it allows you to get right to the core of a build rather than dick around wasting skills. I personally feel youll like that.

3) The mod has been out for a long time, a lot of the player base has dwindled down. Plus i noticed a lot played to sell items for TG and then died off again for some reason. A more seasoned player might have a better answer.

4) 75% of the builds on here are all viable without having to find crazy OP gear, some moreso for farming, and others for uber boss killing. some are a decent blend of both. In theory every build is still playable, some just have much higher gear and charm dependencies than others.

5) Easy starters are traprat/treewarden druid, Summon necromancer/barbarian, or just barb builds in general. there is actually a guide on how to get every uber charm with T6 gear on a barb, showing that its one of the most, if not the most, versatile char.

Hopefully that helps a little bit.