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fobosollo wrote:yo,
Ive been browsing the forum for some answers regarding "innate elemental damage" and new sin skill "anathema" (which oi source of +% such damage).
As somebody explained it suppose to increase damage on weapons which have ele damage on base. Fine.

So im testing zular khan halberd and either by buffing or inserting perf rainbow stones didnt do anything - expected.
After i gambled t4 short battle bow - cold ele base and im suprised that inserting rainbow stones didnt increased tooltip damage at all.
Im using jitan toroc taira etc, inserting rainbow stones didnt increased tooltip damage at all.
Ive obtained six angel bag - no dmg difference in tooltip bot for zular and short battle bow and with mentioned tiered uniq.

Aftier my short research im completely puzzled so question remain:
What exactly is considered innate elemental damage ?

Thx in advance for solid feedback

ive tested t4 wrist blade, no dmg + by anathema or perf rainbow stones

Innate elemental damage only affects the orange modifier "XX% of <Stat> added as <Element> damage to weapon" found on sacred elemental bases and some sacred uniques.
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are there any viable wdm oskills out there besides charged strike? and on a related note, what's the minimum cooldown for whirlpool?
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Thx for reply, (so it seems that for nagi it d work only with black ice, meh ...)
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Hi everyone
It seems like my character is broken, because offline tools is crushes when load it.
How can i fix it?
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Does anyone have a relatively updated guide to the various reanimates in the game and their respective auras etc? I've been using this one: ... edit#gid=0 but it seems pretty old and out of date. If such a guide doesn't currently exist, does anyone know what kinds of benefits the Wraithlord reanimate gives on a Kabraxis charm? ty.
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Question about paladin vessel
If i cast vessels, path of flame or other dmg buffs, can i after that change my items for some defensive stuff?
Will the damage be recalculated?
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Sigonel wrote:Hello, i have question. Kinda new to median (played long time ago)
I rolled 64 shrines (640x) to get Mark of the Wild on one handed barbarian axe, i didnt get single one roll. Is webpage updated or am i unlucky?
Also how can i make pierce on magic damage? for example basic attack has 40% weapon damage + bonus magic damage of str%
I cannot kill any 110 boss because i literally do 0 damage meanwhile i oneshot everything another
should i add innate elemental damage or there s any item that gives magic pierce?

If item affixes list not out of date you can still craft MotW on barb axe. All you need is to get axe item level 82+ and some patience.

The only way I can remember to reduce magic resistance is assasin skill Doom
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can someone explain why can't i see ilvl on uniques or sets?

I can see ilvl on crafting or base item, but there isnt ilvl on unique or sets.
i also checked interface settings...
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Do items that add +Strength count as Base Strength on skills?
Or is Base Strength only the attributes I assign from lvl ups and signets?
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Where i should farm Sacred uniqs? I cant start my higher ubers because need sacred uniqs.Im lvl 124 and im worry about what to do now without these items.My mid gear not enought for 120 ubers.In trade i cant get them because i dont have tg and idk what should i need to sell to buy gears.