Few questions about 'Windform' barb skill.

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Hello i am little bit confused about Windform skill. First how dose it work is it like a channeling skill or aoe and second i can still use it with one sword and off hand axe so dose it only hit with main hand weapon?If so it makes dual wield kinda pointless i think.Is there any place where i could find some information on this or can some help pls..thank you!
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Its like all other spells. Click on the screen -> barb will move to that place. The travel distance distance doesnt effect manacost.

About the dmg, test it out?

Equip wpn with 3-4 dmg in MH and shield in off-hand.
Now go with samme dagger, but higher DPS wpn in off-hand. Did you kill faster?
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It is not, strictly speaking a "channeling" skill. If you target a far monster and click you will spin to that monster--or spot were the monster was. That being said you can hold "stand still" and your attack mouse button and spin around by moving the mouse.

It does not matter whether the sword is main or off hand. The weapon specific skills only require that you have a weapon of that type equipped.

It only hits with the main hand. There are still some off hand properties you get; plus skills, oskills, -enemy resists, and a few others. If you are going to play a hybrid say deathgazer and windformer, then that is a good reason to duel wield.

Also note that currently windform still does not trigger procs of any kind. It will trigger on kill/death blow procs from poison damage kills IF you are not spinning at the time. This is not controllable enough to be reliable.
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Thank you for reply's that all i wanted to know it kinda feels clunky do me so i respected for now.