Most broken skills: Overpowered or Useless?

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wall of text incoming - they are personal opinions

► Amazon skills

► Assassin skills

► Barbarian skills

► Druid skills

► Necromancer skills

► Paladin skills

► Sorceress skills
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STORM CROWS - oblique guidance, returning back flying target
MAELSTROM MK.V - very powerful
BROADSIDE - very powerful(not fixed yet(throw), imba with naginata)

Thorn Wall - unless? Main dmg skill vs solo target.
Elfin Weapons - weakened, after cb fix
Wolf dru - glass and weak without good items, unplayable for hc. Need change Feed the pack or improve form.
RESURRECT - total shit. even if you are a summoner, this is a headache...

With the rest more or less agree.