Give your Sigma a facelift....

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I have been playing since the Ultimative days with this file on just to give my Diablo II a new look.

I've had this file since time immemorial. The file is D2KFixUp.MPQ. This file contains cosmetic changes only. It gives your game a gloomier look and changes the number 5 to be more readable and nothing else.

There are no gameplay changes. Tested to work in 1.10, 1.13c, and 1.13d. Works in multiplayer too. Since it is just cosmetic, you are the only one who will see the changes.

The file is D2KFixUp.MPQ and goes inside your Diablo II folder.

Thank you for Sigma. I am thoroughly enjoying the game.

P.S. The cliffs on ACT2 will be slightly off color but, nothing too annoying.