Why Median XL is better than original.

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I've played the original Diablo 2 since launch at a netcafe, back when those were available, i remember every person desperately unwrapping their diablo 2 copy to play the game.

The game lived up to it's potential and more.

Years later i've done everything in Diablo and farmed all items and runewords possible, Path of Diablo could not make me want to go back, it barely adds anything new.

Median for me is a completely new game within Diablo 2, and that's not a bad thing at all, in fact i think it's far exceed the ambition of the original game that makes me wonder why pod never was inspired from automatic gold pickup or reveal map!?, how many times do you want to explore a map, come on!.

Also the running speed is nice and smooth instead of tediously tp'ing around with enigma to explore, it's just better in every way.

I'm still intimidated by the crafting system, i would like a in-game introduction to the crafting system so you don't waste those precious crystals on your first character.

But ither than that it's all good, perhaps i would also like to see a website for Median Xl where you can trade items with others, that would be ideal for people that wish to do trading.
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there is a trading section already on this forum
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ChuckNoRis wrote:there is a trading section already on this forum

Cheers for that, i must have missed it.
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Thanks, glad you are enjoying yourself :)