Best builds for newbies?

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Easiest and by far is a fat druid rat - some yberbosses are problematic ( astrogha for instance, but this boss is a problem to many) and baal fight ( rat autotargets baal also during his immunity stage) . Move shoot, (autotargets), move, shoot. Equipement is also self explanatory.
hikki12 wrote:I checked it out but having 9 buffs every min is a turn off for me, any other suggestion?

You don't need to re-cast a 10 minute duration buff every minute. 3 buffs per minute is all you need (Sanguine Covenant once and Vindicate twice per min).
UMP is a super strong and super easy build. Some of the buffs really don't matter if they fall off anyway (especially the damage buffs that aren't your main source of damage).

Trap rat is super easy, great for new players, but boring.
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what about storm call amazon? viewtopic.php?p=36486#p36486
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Imo you shouldn't be looking for best so hard. Start doesn't have to be perfect or easy (rather opposite :D) . Just look for something that interests you and has beginner friendly guide so you will understand it.
Picks considered "best" are usually in meta. Going meta is boring and sometimes even hurt (obtaining some high demand items can be really annoying). I'm not saying that you should avoid meta. Just pick something that has good opinions and suits you, whole secret of finding good build.
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Bowzon is pretty straightforward. Cast 3 buffs and use wyrmshot for everything. Paragon allows you to have insane health and facetank/survive most bosses and barrage is a great single target killer. Level 125+ uberquests are pretty problematic, but they are hard for most characters anyway (and I personally believe the spirit realm one is just badly designed).