New elemental bows good for bowzon?

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The top player on the ladder is a bowzon. The skills used seem surprising:

Max: Wyrmshot, Trinity Arrow, Dragonlore.
18 pts: Spirit of Vengeance
4pts: War Spirit
1 pt: Spellbind and all other Bow/Neutral skills.

The unusual bit (to me anyway) is:

    1. SoV not Paragon - and why 18pts when there are no synergies? I checked the SU list in the docs and the only item that benefits per point in SoV is a lightning spell damage item
    Coronet (Sacred)

    Defense: 605 to 684
    (Amazon Only)
    Required Level: 100
    Required Dexterity: 327
    Item Level: 105
    +3% Lightning Spell Damage per Spirit of Vengeance Skill Level
    +(2 to 3) to Amazon Skill Levels
    (20 to 40)% Cast Speed
    -(5 to 15)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
    Maximum Lightning Resist +(1 to 2)%
    Physical Resist (5 to 10)%
    +(20 to 60) Life after each Kill
    Socketed (4)
    . Not useful for bow.
    Extra points in SoV only boosts spell dmg (fire, magic & phys) so I can't understand why 18 pts here - maybe he has a lightning oskill?

    2. Not using Phalanx or Barrage (since they need 15 and 6 points respectively to remove cooldown).

I can understand not using Barrage since it has a fairly small aoe whereas Wyrmshot can hit in anything in a very large area.

So it looks as though this build is just using Wyrm/TA. Can't see his notarmory to see items, so I can't tell if this is using elemental bows or just a standard physical build. But... why would someone who can top the ladder choose a physical bowzon, which is the same as last ladder but worse due to Dragonlore change? That seems a strange choice so I'm guessing there's something to know about using an elemental bow with these skills..
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SoV = hellreach
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Marco wrote:SoV = hellreach

Small technical question, if I may. Is the bonus damage added by hellreach ED? EWD? Flat damage?
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Marco wrote:SoV = hellreach

Thanks, I get it now. I guess he changed to that spec late game once he got the bow, which makes physical damage work well (with Dragonlore boosting the procs on that bow?).
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Kaido wrote:
Marco wrote:SoV = hellreach

Small technical question, if I may. Is the bonus damage added by hellreach ED? EWD? Flat damage?

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Can someone explain what EWD even does ?
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from !wepdmg command on discord:

Calculating Weapon Damage:
Modifiers for weapon damage are applied as follows:
1: Ethereal Bonus (25% base damage on weapon)
2: %Enhanced Damage (%ED)
3: +Flat Damage.
4: %Physical Damage, this includes %EWD from items, %damage from skills / passives and buffs and str/dex factor, which are all ADDED up into one big multiplier (%dmg = %EWD + %physdmg + %dex/strbonus)
5: Deadly Strike (if it rolls successfully, x2 all damage up until this point)
6: %Conversion is applied.
7: +Flat elemental damage from weapon/gear/skills.
8: %WDM of skill used.