MedianXL Sigma 1.7 Starter Tier List

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MedianXL Sigma 1.7 Starter Tier List

Im seekers, long time player and so on etc. This tier list is mean to give you an idea on what are the best characters to start a season untwinked, so that you can farm either charms or items in order to gear up any other character you want. It will also highlight characters that u can take all the way to the endgame.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Disclaimers
Experimental Builds
Quick Tier List
In Depth

Introduction and Disclaimers

In this topic I will attempt to rate most builds in the game judged by how succesful they are on a fresh ladder start; that is; from level 1 all the way to 120+. I will use the following criteria and my own personal judgement for the tier list:

TIER 0 builds are fast and comfortable, perfect starters.
TIER 0.5 builds are just a step below T0 builds, mainly because of requiring more effort than T0s altough still as effective.
TIER 1 builds are either extremely specialized in either boss killing or farming (in which case they can often keep up with t0s); or just overall worse than t0.5.
TIER 1.5 are either specialized but not enough to compete with its t1+ competition or once again overall worse.
TIER 2 cannot do any 120 ubers without major issues; decent before this point.
TIER 3 unable to be started as / extremely horrible leveling and 120 ubers. This tier acts more like a showcase for powerful endgame builds.

TIER 0 to TIER 1.5: can comfortably do content in the 1 - 120 level range untwinked, and thus can be played as a starter without any regrets.
Remember that both charms and farming are taken into account, with T0-0.5 being able to clear either dunc or teganze really fast; on top of getting most if not all 120 charms; thus enabling you to get upgrades or generate TG in order to purchase any neccesary gear for whatever spec you wish to play; or if playing SSF or HC, being able to find gear on its own.

If a build has earned a lower spot on the list it does not mean it is unplayable garbage; it just means it is a build you will either have to transition to in the lategame or one that you is less efficient than its competition for the early game.

All of these ratings are based on my own experiences, analysis and observations from other people's playthroughs and feedback. Your own experience may differ.

If a build is not present in this tier list it can be because of 2 things:
1: I simply don't know it is a thing, in which case please do leave feedback.
2: I don't consider it good enough to be rated. Once again feedback is appreciated.

Experimental Builds
In this section you will find builds whose tiering I am not confident in. This may be due to them being new or simply not enough testing.

Traprat Druid: I do not think it is that good yet its always popular on ladder resets. And also just got semi reworked.
Bow Druid: Fully reworked in 1.7.
Psi Storm: Fully reworked in 1.7, might make psisin much better.
Crossbow Necromancer: Might be better now that it leeches more.
Javelin Amazon: I think its decent but once again not enough playtesting.
Buckshot Oskill: I have heard nothing about this oskill and have not tested it personally.

Quick Tier List
IMPORTANT: Order within the tiers doesnt matter, its sorted alphabetically.

TIER 0: Caster Druid, Cold Caster Sorceress, Fire Caster Sorceress, Summoner Necromancer (Hawks start), Melee Sorceress, Summoner Barbarian, Summoner Paladin, Unholy Melee Paladin.
TIER 0.5: Magic Missiles Bloodzon, Maelstrom Assassin, Malice Necromancer, Mana Caster Sorceress, Naginata Assassin, Neutral Paladin, Physical Bow Amazon, Unholy Caster Paladin.
TIER 1: Bow Druid, ATMG Assassin, Fire Bloodzon, Holy Melee Paladin, Lightning Caster Sorceress, Melee Necromancer, Physical Melee Barbarian, Physical Throw Barbarian, Poison Throw Barbarian, Totem Necromancer, Trap Assassin, Rend Bear Druid, Screaming Eagle Barbarians, Wildfire Bear Druid.
TIER 1.5: Crossbow Necromancer, Holy Caster Paladin, Hurricane Druid, Poison Caster Sorceress, Scorpion Blade Assassin, Spear Amazon, Wolf Druid.
TIER 2: Claw Assassin, Elemental Bow Amazon, Javelin Amazon, Psychic Assassin, Storm Caster Amazon, Traprat Druid Unsummoner Amazon.
TIER 3: Orb of Annihilation Casters, Rising Dawners, Stormclashers, Trinity Beamers, Virulence Casters, Warcry Barbarian.

In Depth

Magic Missiles Bloodzon: The superior blood amazon, MM is still a solid skill; and balefire will help carry it early on until it becomes really strong, oh and also balefire now no longer causes bosses to teleport everywhere when poked with it as of 1.7 patchnotes, so balefire could very well become a strong support or main skill until you can get your +missile gear. Kinda Outdated Guide
Physical Bow Amazon: Extremely widely used, this glass cannon type build can lead to high death counts but it excels at farming with relatively cheap gear (good crafted weapon is very important, alternatively set is very good) while remaining decent versus bosses. Guide
Fire Bloodzon: Also a very viable build despite lagging a bit behind compared to her magic focused sister, lava pit single target is really good and bloodstorm is okay farming.
Spear Amazon: Really good single target killer, but pounce is really lackluster without proper gear due to it needing Curare; which is suicide unless you get the tankiness from the gear (which u won't early on). With proper gear, pouncezon is a really good farmer however,
Javazon: Hits a very hard wall at 120, not the fastest starter, becomes substantially better with gear (especially
Throwing Spear (Sacred)

Throw Damage: (192 - 222) to (244 - 282)
One-Hand Damage: (124 - 144) to (145 - 168)
(Amazon Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity: 530
Item Level: 120
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.11 per Dexterity)%
+(160 to 200)% Enhanced Damage
+2 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
10% Life stolen per Hit
+(5 to 10) to APF-20 'Maelstrom' MkI
(15 to 25)% to Dexterity
+(250 to 500) to Life
10% Chance to Avoid Damage
Socketed (4)
Storm Caster Amazon: Uses Stormcall to clear and Askari Lightning for single targets. Not horrible to level but will struggle at 115 - 120 without crafts. Ornates should be easier to get now so thats a plus atleast.
Unsummon Amazon: Altough it is technically a ''Resummoner Zon'', as the way this build works is constantly resummoning fire elementals to proc their on death fire cannonade; unsummon zon sounds more memey and therefore it stuck I guess. While this build has a really good normal, nm and even early ubers, the lack of scaling on fire cannonande without SUs kills it viability in 120+. However, with the neccesary gear (1 SSU and a SU) it is a very strong build.
Elemental Bow Amazon: Probably has better damage potential than Physical Bow Amazon in the endgame, especially with new IED mod, but inferior in every way to Physical early on.

Maelstrom Assassin: Maelstrom will faceroll normal - nightmare along with the early ubers. While it will slow down at 120+ you then have the option to farm Teganze which will allow you to get a lot of upgrades; if at any point you feel stuck you can also go cows or K3K for abandoned shrines. I feel the nerfs it has gotten over the past like 5 patches have made it not as facerolly once u get to ubers so its been knocked down from T0 . Miniguide
Naginata Assassin: Received massive buffs in 1.6, very powerful build that is harder to play than your average build due to a lot of skill switching needed, and the fact that its main farming ability requires you to keep a short buff up in order to have no cooldown. Its not for everyone, but if you're looking for a more active playstyle this is a very effective build.Guide
ATMG Assassin: Has received some hard hits in 1.7, knocking it down one tier, might go down even further but we will see. Should still faceroll normal - nightmare and early ubers, and have decent clearspeed early with
Assassin Claws

Runeword Level: 100
10% Chance to cast level 29 Shower of Rocks on Kill
+2 to Assassin Skill Levels
40% Attack Speed
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Damage
+(76 to 100) to Maximum Damage
10% Bonus to Buff/Debuff/Cold Skill Duration
Adds 63-188 cold damage
and good boss killing. Also has a smooth gear progression. If you're having trouble equipping
Hatchet Hands (4)

One-Hand Damage: (3 - 4) to (4 - 5)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 24
Required Dexterity:
Item Level: 6
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.13 per Dexterity)%
+(18 to 35)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 6-13 magic damage
(1 to 2)% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(5 to 7) to ATMG Sentry
+(2 to 3) to Doom (Assassin Only)
(7 to 10)% to Dexterity
+1 Mana on Striking
Requirements +50%
Socketed (1)
One-Hand Damage: (12 - 13) to (15 - 16)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 24
Required Dexterity:
Item Level: 25
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.13 per Dexterity)%
+(52 to 69)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 17-35 magic damage
(3 to 4)% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(8 to 10) to ATMG Sentry
+(4 to 6) to Doom (Assassin Only)
(15 to 18)% to Dexterity
+1 Mana on Striking
Requirements +100%
Socketed (2)
One-Hand Damage: (33 - 36) to (37 - 40)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 41
Required Dexterity:
Item Level: 45
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.13 per Dexterity)%
+(87 to 103)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 50-100 magic damage
(5 to 6)% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(11 to 13) to ATMG Sentry
+(7 to 9) to Doom (Assassin Only)
(23 to 26)% to Dexterity
+1 Mana on Striking
Requirements +200%
Socketed (2)
One-Hand Damage: (42 - 46) to (46 - 50)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 50
Required Dexterity:
Item Level: 79
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.13 per Dexterity)%
+(104 to 120)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 150-300 magic damage
(7 to 8)% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(14 to 16) to ATMG Sentry
+(10 to 12) to Doom (Assassin Only)
(27 to 30)% to Dexterity
+1 Mana on Striking
Requirements +400%
Socketed (3)
early on u can just use it on offhand and not upgrade it and use a physical dmg claw in mainhand for damage; no claw block though since it will lock ATMG out if you pick Subterfuge. Miniguide
Trap Assassin: Slow to level, unorthodox playstyle; yet incredibly strong build in ubers, most known for being amazing at 125 ubers even with 0 gear; but also good before altough slower compared to other sin builds and therefore mostly only played at 120+ Guide.
Scorpion Blade Assassin:While very viable and really good teganze farmer, the reason it is so far below is because the builds above it are either insanely tanky (trapsin) or have multiple defensive layers (claw with dip into trap tree for claw block; mael with block and range) while Scorpion goes full glass cannon mode, and while the damage is there; it is a very squishy build. Guide
Psychic Assassin: Psi storm received a rework in 1.7 so we will have to test how it fares, this rating is for old psisin but might increase with testing. Outdated Guide
Claw Assassin: Noctule will faceroll normal - nightmare along with early ubers. However with the removal of clawblock and Prismatic Cloak changes the build will now be signifcantly squishier ; effective but punishing and awkward to play. Miniguide

Summoner Barbarian: Extremely good farmer, with insane teganze and toraja clears with 0 gear, will struggle a bit with bosses. Maybe Outdated Guide
Screaming Eagle Barbarians: Has been downtiered because I havent heard of many people playing it recently.
Poison Throw Barbarian: You can no longer kill bosses in one snake bite hit but its still a ridicously good boss killer. Definetly keep this one in mind if you want to watch huge hp pools melt. Make sure to build poison pierce.
Physical Throw Barbarian: Just a solid build; can either go wolf stance overkiller or lion stance overkiller.
Physical Melee Barbarian: Once again a solid build for untwinked playthroughs, good bosskiler with either iceburst or stormblast (or even deathgaze which sometimes outperforms iceburst vs certain bosses no idea why) and decent farmer despite being melee due to plenty of defense and %physical resist from bear stance. Guide

Caster Druid: Probably the fastest Druid starter, Infected Roots will deal very good damage and will carry you to 120 and even a bit past it. After that; you can build into Stormclash or Hunting Banshee. Stormclash is generally considered cheaper; but hunting banshee does deal very good damage, Rain of Fire and Ember Spirit (formerly elemental) have received buffs and may be better alternatives, pending testing. Has been uptiered to 0 due to receiving Lifeshield (now barkskin) at lvl 18 instead of 90; and receiving free spell damage from Pagan Rites at lvl 18, instead of symbiosis at lvl 115; on top of being extremely good before these buffs.Guide
Bow Druid: Has been fully reworked, not much else to say, this is a placeholder tier based on beta tester feedback.
Rend Bear Druid: Excellent leveling and 1 - 115, but really struggles at 120+ untwinked. It is not T2 because you can struggle your way thru dunc if you so desire with CB. It shines a lot more with endgame gear, being one of the best if not the best char for running t13+ labs and really good single DPS for Samael and Deimos.
Wildfire Bear Druid: Can get some big damage numbers early on and very good boss damage. Ok farmer. Not very popular compared to its rend alternative.
Wolf Druid: Should be much better earlygame now thanks to Barkskin. Will see if this gets updated. Guide
Hurricane Druid: New build based around the new Hurricane skill introduced in 1.6. It is a channeling skill that creates a whirlwind around you tha damages, knocks enemies back, leeches life, and drains your stamina while also gaining damage per point of missing stamina (therefore +max stamina items will scale this). Has been described as pretty janky due to the channeling nature of the skill, but has received a signifcant buff in 1.7.
Trap Rat Druid: Started with it this ladder, damage was very lacking, its gonna be good with a good craft but TU blade is like really bad. Miniguide

Summoner: Use hawks for 1 - 120 and for boss killing, abyss knights for dedicated farming past 120, extremely fast to start, hawks are insane single target damage (only summoner that has actual potential to do late game bosses), and ok farmers, especially pre 120. Can clear teganze and toraja, altough for dedicated farming you will usually respec to Abyss Knights. Slightly Outdated Miniguide
Malice Caster Necromancer: Extremely good single target with ok farming. Its overall slightly worse in my opinion than Hawks and the biggest disadvantage is thats its less safe and doesnt share gear with an extremely good farmer like Abyss; but this only places it as a solid TIER0.5 so still a really good build. Guide
Melee Necromancer: Carnage still hits really hard, and the build is pretty tanky; ok farmer. Lately it has been recommended to start as 2hander for higher damage atleast early on.2H Guide 1H Guide
Totem Necromancer: Frostclaw rework has made the build smoother to level and should have much higher of a chance at 120s, has decent endgame potential. Overall a solid build, still waiting on more feedback.
Crossbow Necromancer: Its not a bad build, just outperformed by other builds in the same class. Has the potential to be a really good farmer and bosskiller, altough not exceptional at either without a Hwanins for farming or a good craft or better for bossing. Has received a significant buff in 1.7, might rise up the ranks.Guide

Summoner Paladin: This build is speedrun material for normal - nightmare and still facerolls 105 - 115. Due to being a summoner it also facerolls teganze and toraja. The ideal way to build this one is going Sourges and Holy tree for Plague and Colloseum. You will probably have to respec into other paladin builds if you wish to extend your reach past teganze and toraja. With enough gear this is also a pretty good vizjun farmer. Guide
Unholy Melee Paladin: Probably the fastest non summoner pally for getting to hell. Unability to die until 120 content makes for a very easy playstyle. That said it is indeed a melee build so it is slower for farming, and due to not having the best defense it can struggle in Duncraig, but its huge HP pool makes teganze a joke. The go-to build in Hardcore due to its safety. Guide
Neutraldin: Dunc Bot just got a single target skill to cover its only weakness. Looks busted and a potential T0 if its as good at it sounds. Anyways Neutraldin has been known to be one of the best cheap farmers that couldn't be started as due to non existant single target DPS without Oris Herald or the likes; now it has one in Absolution and its avaible since level 18. Outdated Guide
Unholy Caster Paladin: More difficult than unholy melee, but makes it up with higher clearspeed due to being ranged and better damage output potential. Very solid build, slight buffs received in 1.7 and previous patches have made it a very smooth leveling experience. Guide
Holy Melee Paladin: Very simple to play, but its slow farming due to being a melee build will keep it down from Tier 0. Solar flare recasting can be very annoying. Guide
Holy Caster Paladin: Very good single target damage but not really a lot to offer for farming. It can farm with wyrms but it will be slow. Better reserved a boss killer spec and it wont dissapoint if used for this. Shares the usual annoyance of Solar Flare recasting. Guide

Cold Caster Sorceress: All the buffs have turned this caster into pretty much a faceroll build for 1 - 120. And due to smooth gear progression you can play it all the way till the end. Frigid Sphere + Shatter the flesh makes for a really good AoE clear, Abyss is extremely damaging as always, ice eles make you safer. Whats not to like. Guide Guide
Fire Caster Sorceress: Very similar to its cold counterpart. Faceroll build with really good potential and smooth gear curve. Flamefront is very good AoE and becomes a top tier farmer should you get a habalcava's, flamestrike is really good single target melter (it melts cuz its fire obviously). Guide
Melee Sorceress: As good as always, decently tanky, decently damaging, very smooth gearing and simple playstyle. Bladestorm is good AoE and fussilade is not only good single target but also basically allows you to become invulnerable vs non bosses due to Leech. Remember to put your 5 points in Symbol of Esu. Guide
Mana Caster Sorceress: Another smooth build to gear with a good single target skill (immersion) and good farming skill (either Arcane Torrent or mana sweep should you adquire the RW that removes Mana Sweep leech or Valtheks; in which case Sweep becomes a top tier farming skill). Guide
Light Caster Sorceress: Actually a really good starter but sadly damage starts lacking at 120, especially compared to Cold and Fire. Thunderstone is finally back to being a good single target nuke. Forked Lightning is considered superior to Tempest early on and becomes really good farmer with Ghostmoon. Guide Tempest Focused Guide
Poison Caster Sorceress: Very awkward farming (lorenados are pretty meh), but really good at nuking bosses with Arachnomancy. It honeslty looks worse than it actually is due to its fierce competition. Guide

All of these are T3 due to being innacesible early on. But these builds are worth transition into.
Trinity Beam: Available from
Dagger (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 37
Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity: 376
Item Level: 120
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.11 per Dexterity)%
-70% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
50% Cast Speed
+(4 to 8) to Trinity Beam
+2 to Life (Based on Character Level)
Maximum Mana 20%
Regenerate Mana +30%
Socketed (2)
. Despite multiple nerfs over several patches, this oskill is still very good and is still a very commonly used endgame build (especially paladin) Showcase + Tips
Rising Dawn: Available on Assassin Shields, Paladin Maces, Paladin Clubs and Amazon Helms. This oskill boasts very high damage, and thus is suitable for both farming and boss killing. ShowcaseShowcase
Orb of Annihilation Casters: Available on Necromancer Wands and
Universal Law
Universal Law
(Assassin Psionic Set)

Quantum Bevel
Dead Lens
Killing Vector

Set Bonus with 2 or more set items:
+2 to Assassin Skill Levels
+20% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage

Set Bonus with 3 or more set items:
+150 to Energy
+500 to Life

Set Bonus with complete set:
+4 to Assassin Skill Levels
+15% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+60 to Orb of Annihilation
+1500 to Mana
Elemental Resists +25%
Physical Resist 5%
+100 Life after each Kill

set. This oskill is frequently used as a relatively cheap fast duncraig farmer; but it can also clear other areas just fine. Guide (Necro)
Warcry Barb: Available on Barbarian Shields, Barbarian Swords and
Voice of Arreat
Voice of Arreat
Horned Helm (Sacred)

Defense: 6435 to 7705
(Barbarian Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 451
Item Level: 120
+(25 to 40)% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+(15 to 20) to War Cry
+200% Enhanced Defense
+(3000 to 4000) Defense
Maximum Mana 15%
Maximum Elemental Resists +1%
Socketed (4)
. This oskill is really good for farming purposes.
Virulence Casters: Available on Scepters and Staves. Virulence is a channeled poison beam that deals really good damage. Be warned that the skill has a delay and thus might feel awkward. It is a very good option for poison builds if you want to nuke bosses.
Stormclash Casters: Available on Staves, Necromancer Wands, Scepters,
Aerin Nexus
Aerin Nexus
Gnarled Staff (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: 59 to 62
Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity: 218
Item Level: 105
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.06 per Dexterity)%
+(6 to 8) to All Skills
+(25 to 40)% Bonus to Spell Focus
+50% Damage to Undead
-(20 to 25)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(15 to 20) to Stormclash
+150 Life Regenerated per Second
Physical Resist (5 to 10)%
5% Reanimate as: Crystal Lord
Socketed (4)
Nor Tiraj's Wisdom
Nor Tiraj's Wisdom
Heavy Belt (Sacred)

Defense: (2805 - 3315) to (3029 - 3580)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength:
624 to 852
Item Level: 105
+100 Spell Focus
-(20 to 25)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(15 to 20) to Stormclash
+(15 to 20) to Lightning Shield
+(120 to 160)% Enhanced Defense
Maximum Mana 10%
Total Character Defense (10 to 50)%
+2% to Experience Gained
Requirements +(10 to 50)%
Socketed (2)
Phoenix Shield (Sacred)

Defense: (2864 - 3385) to (3218 - 3803)
Chance to Block: 4%
(Amazon Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength:
Item Level: 105
20% Chance to cast level 25 Lifeblood when Attacked
+3 to Amazon Skill Levels
+25% to Lightning Spell Damage
-15% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(15 to 20) to Stormclash
+(120 to 160)% Enhanced Defense
+250 to Life
Maximum Lightning Resist +2%
Requirements -30%
Socketed (4)
Forest Defender
Forest Defender
Antlers (Sacred)

Defense: (2277 - 2562) to (2474 - 2783)
(Druid Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 450
Item Level: 105
+2 to Druid Skill Levels
20% Cast Speed
20% Movement Speed
-(20 to 25)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(15 to 20) to Stormclash
+(140 to 170)% Enhanced Defense
Maximum Lightning Resist +1%
Total Character Defense (35 to 50)%
Socketed (4)
. This is a very commonly used endgame spec, as its both good for single target and farming. Most common usage is from Druid.

NotCube for letting me yoink his formatting in his guide.
Syphery, Bardamu, NotCube, Spambomb, Ben-, Pinball, Rumblealex, AnimeWaifu, Ertu, Helzopro and Vikan for initial feedback on various individual builds.
Everyone who commented on this topic or who has sent suggestions on the MedianXL discord to improve this list.
All of the authors of the guides or showcases I have linked for each build
MedianXL Development Team for continued support of the mod.
Edited by Seekers 7 months.
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- Released.
- Moved Holy Melee Paladin from T2 to T1. Slow farmer but actually pretty simple to play outside of solar meme.

- Moved Scorpion Blade Assasin from T1 to T2. It is indeed a very squishy build with little room for error.
- Moved Physical Bow Amazon from T1 to T2. Same case as Scorpion, plus it can struggle at 120.
- Moved Totem Necromancer from T3 to T2. It is a fast starter and can farm 115 content really well. It just hits a wall at 120 but it can spam k3k till set or decent shrinecrafted gear to get past it.

- Changed T0 to blu, and T1 to old T0 green, should be easier on your eyes.
- Fixed last 3 classes not having the same color as the other ones.

- Fire Sorceress from T2 to T1: Underestimated this char a lot, oops.
- Cold Sorceress from T0 to T1: Wasn't as meta as I thought it would be.
- Naginata Assasin from T1 to T2: Too much piano for new players.
- Twin Fang Assasin, Unsummon Zon, Rend Bear Druid, Trap Rat from T4 to T3: They're fine for norm, nightmare and early ubers, but yeah 115 or 120 are a brick wall so cant justify more; need more feedback on rat btw.
- Malice Necromancer: fixed description.

- Cold Sorceress from T1 to T0: Well that downtier didnt last long at all. Access to new Hailstorm if Abyss Buffs werent enough for you to want to bother with Abyss targetting. Churel is now a lot of free cold spell and probably good or decent damage. Right back to T0 it goes.
- Poison Throw Barbarian from Untiered to T1: While not convinced it can keep up with Summon Barb early on; single target skill, huge snake stance buffs and stampede buffs on top; along with gladiators synergy. Certainly looks promising.
- Physical Throw Barbarian from T2 to T1: Big Overkill buffs, Stampede buff. Looks less promising than Psn baba but hey should still be way better.
- Elemental Throw Barbarian from Untiered to T2: Innate Elemental Damage looks like a very good buff to make elemental bases relevant; and Neph spirit is a lot of free IED. Will have to revisit this placement later probably.
- Spear Amazon from T4 to T3: Its a fine bosskiller early on, and fine for norm - 105. Certainly didnt deserve the T4. Pounce is very bad untwinked though; but really good with proper gear.
- Ways Assasin removed: Was confusing, will probably just become a part of other builds rather than a dedicated one.
- Updated a bunch of descriptions.
- Updated Experimental Builds List.

- Redefined tiers.
- Added links to guides
- Reshuffled a lot of builds.
- Updated most if not all descriptions.
- Order within tiers now alphabetical.

- Fancified Tier List (ty cube). Hopefully its fancier now. If y'all wish to return to old one or have other suggestions just post.
- Added a Table of Contents with the option to jump to each section for easier navigation.

- Added a few more disclaimers and rewrote introduction.
- Fixed numerous spelling errors and typos. You can now CNTRL+F Trinity Beam since it is spelled correctly instead of being written in animal (ty Ehler).

- Physical Melee Barbarian from T1.75? to T1. Fun fact: this build was at T2 in the quick tier list and at T1.5 in the in depth before, oops. Anyways I think I was being harsh on it for no reason so fixed it.
- ATMG Assasin from Untiered to T0.5. Just a really solid build that should have been added before but busy irl.
- Claw Assasin from T0 to T0.5. Its power didnt drop; just that it isnt the most newbie friendly due to being an Assasin and melee.
- Updated Trinity Beam description to better reflect its status as the unethical skill of Patch 1.5.


First a few corrections of mistiered stuff:
- Maelstrom Assasin from T0 to T0.5: I dont think its as good as it used to be in 1.6, didnt get buffed in 1.7.
- Rend Bear Druid and Physical Bow Amazon from T1.5 to T1: Should have been higher all along.
- Screaming Eagle Barbs from T0.5 to T1: Its not too popular.
- Naginata Assasin from T2 to T1: Received HUGE buffs in 1.6, should have been in T1 all along.
- Removed Abyss Knight and Hawk Summoners from tierlist, now all rolled up in a blanket ''Summoner Necromancer'', description updated to state that u start and kill bosses as hawks, and respec to abyss for 120+ farming.
- Hurricane Druid from T1 to T1.5: Underperformed my expectations, 1.7 buffs not enough imo.

Now for the new patch thinguies.
- ATMG Assasin from T0.5 to T1: Oof. Just Oof.
- Bow Druid from T2 to T1: Based on beta tester feedback, will still need testing on live so this is a placeholder tier.
- Psychic Assasin unchanged, but tiering is completely untested by me, need psi storm tests and feedback on live.


- Unholy Melee Paladin from T0.5 to T0. Its UHM, should have been T0 before but I wasn't as confident, but the overall powerlevel of T0 has dropped a bit IMO so I think it should go to T0 now.
- Unholy Caster Paladin from T1 to T0.5. Has received buffs for a few patches and after testing its definetly better than before.
- Totem Necromancer from T1.5 to T1. New frost is pretty good and probably was T1 worthy before.
- Javazon from T1.5 to T2. Yeah its been confirmed its not rly good at 120s untwinked.
- Traprat from T1 to T2. Finally tested it, probably rly good once u get a decent weapon, but your TU sucks. Comparing my experience with rat and neutraldin is night and day.
- Ele bowa from T3 to T2. No idea why it was T3 since u can start it, just its more awkward than phys version.
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take my cookie idiot

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Updated: nvm i see an answer there

Great job cookied. Did you test all builds in 1.4 or some are hypothetical?
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Very cool tierlist, probably should pin it in discord as well.
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Image very nice
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boozek wrote:Great job cookied. Did you test all builds in 1.4 or some are hypothetical?

Only some builds were tested in 1.4, a lot were not nerfed enough for it to matter / were just buffed so its just gonna be more powerful nn testing, the most changed ones were tested (like cold sorc, malice necro)

And this tier list will ofc be updated when patch hits and we start discovering what is actually the meta.

Stuff under Experimental are the ones that are mostly hypothetical.
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I'd definetly move throw barb and melee sorc 1 tier higher, and I'd mention that bowzon starts having troubles in the 115 bracket already with bosses, since its undoubtedly the best farming build at the expense of single target dmg. But this is just a subjective opinion, talking from my own experience.
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Any way I could get you to link me that malice and hawk necro build? I'd love to go malice or hawk necro.